Women's belt bag: let's surrender to this fashion!

Yes, baby carriers are back in vogue and are holding out longer than expected. We are not surprised: the baby carriers are comfortable, practical, they leave your hands completely free and now they are even stylish! So why not give them a chance?

Whether you prefer a basic style, one-color, or more daring with a mix of patterns, we have chosen for you a selection of the trendiest fanny packs of the moment from Amazon.

Get inspired and surrender to this nostalgic fashion that takes us directly back to the 90s! And if you really think that fanny packs are not for you, we will not judge you: we have prepared a selection of low-cost bags that could be right for you!

1. Kappa pouch

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Do you want to go back to 90s fashion right away? This Kappa belt bag will make you feel like a true fashion icon of the past!

Buy on Amazon 19 €

2. Nike pouch

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If you are looking for something more sporty, this camouflage pouch from Nike is not only very cute but it is also useful: you can use it at the gym, for a run in the park or in your morning run to get to work on time!

Buy on Amazon 20 €

3. VBIGER: an elegant baby carrier

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If, on the other hand, your cardio is shopping, this VBIGER baby carrier is for you! With a clean design and a light eco-leather processing, this article is perfect for those who want a more elegant and equally practical version.

Buy on Amazon from € 34.98 to € 17.99

4. SoJourner bags: a fanny pack for party girls

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This model of SoJourner bags is made for those with clear ideas: if you are a party girl, there is nothing better than an accessory that reflects your lifestyle, so there is no doubt that your heart belongs to the music. !

Buy on Amazon € 16.75

5. TTD: For romantics

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If, on the other hand, you are a romantic, quiet and full of love girl or you simply like red, this model by TTD is made for you.

Buy on Amazon € 26.98

6. Kipling

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If in addition to aesthetics you want to focus on durability and practicality, this Kipling model is the right choice: its light and resistant fabric is easy to clean and is very cute, how not to fall in love with its classic monkey ?!

Buy on Amazon € 59.90


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You know the clubber trend of the 90s? This bag represents everything there is more fun and colorful: its hologram color and its transparent pattern make your life easier if you want to find your wallet easily, but not you want to give up color.

Buy on Amazon € 12.38

8. Subtop: pure gold

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This Subtop bag is made for those who want to shine! Made of eco-leather with zigzag and golden color, this article is not bad at all for a night that is a little more fashionista.

Buy on Amazon € 16.67

9. MOSISO: flowers and comfort

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This model is made for you who never want to give up spring, even if you are under a thousand layers of wool! This MOSISO baby carrier guarantees the practicality and beauty necessary to make you feel chic all year round.

Buy on Amazon € 14.99

10. PKQP: all colors of the rainbow

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Are you a color lover and don't know which one to choose? Know that this is absolutely not a problem: with this PKQP baby carrier you will never be spoiled for choice!

Buy on Amazon € 15.63 <

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