Back pain: find the ideal bags for you

Back pain is a common problem, most of our friends, family or colleagues suffer from this ailment. It is often associated with poor posture, lack of sleep, or stress.

Did you know that the bag you use has a direct influence on your back? The bag is a complement that we use every day and it is natural that sometimes we carry extra weight with all our personal items. Therefore, it is important to consider the type of bag we use in our routine.

We have created a selection of the most beautiful and comfortable back bags available on Amazon.

shoulder bag

Shoulder bags are some of our favorites for reducing back pain. They are comfortable because you can wear them crossed or hung on one shoulder, so you can vary the position according to your postural needs.

We have chosen for you 3 types of small shoulder bags to make your purchase easier:

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Valleycomfy - The trendiest


✓ TRENDY - Low-cost version of Stella McCartney's classic Falabella model.
✓ LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighs only 499g
✓ VERSATILE - It has a long chain, but can also be carried by hand for a more elegant occasion.

Buy on Amazon for € 19.99

Desigual shoulder bag - Elegant but fun


✓ TRENDY - Flowers worked on the front to embellish your look with hints of color.
✓ LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighs only 299g
✓ SUITABLE FOR YOU - Adjustable handles

Buy on Amazon for € 47.24

Yoome Shoulder Bag - Delicate and feminine


✓ DELICATE MODEL - Genuine leather bag, small, with round and modern model. It has an embroidered flower processing on the front that makes the bag more feminine and delicate.
✓ VERSATILE - You can carry it over the shoulder or by hand.
✓ DIMENSIONS - Width: 28cm / Depth: 12cm / Height: 25cm
✓ WEIGHT - 998g

Buy on Amazon for € 25.99


The backpack is a very interesting option for those suffering from back pain: it is practical, comfortable and does not cause a postural imbalance. It is certainly a good choice, but it is very important to pay attention to the models available, because depending on size, material and ergonomics, the backpack can become a problem instead of the solution for back pain.

Coofit Backpack - Elegance and comfort


✓ STYLISH AND VERSATILE MODEL - This backpack is made of eco-leather, with excellent quality materials.
✓ EQUIPPED - It has specific pockets for mobile phones and important documents and a convenient external anti-theft pocket located on the rear side of the product.
✓ LARGE - It can hold a 13 inch computer, cell phones, school supplies, wallets, cosmetics, umbrellas, water bottle and other essentials.
✓ DIMENSIONS - Width: 29cm / Depth: 13cm / Height: 35cm
✓ WEIGHT - 1.4 kg

Buy on Amazon for € 38.89

Kipling Backpack - Colorful and roomy


✓ FUN - This model adds a touch of personality to your looks: it's made with colorful fabric, it's easy to clean and dry.
✓ EQUIPPED - It has specific pockets for mobile phones, specific container for keys and external pockets with zip and velcro closure.
✓ HIGH QUALITY - The Kipling brand guarantees the quality and durability of its product
✓ DIMENSIONS - Width: 29cm / Depth: 14cm / Height: 27cm
✓ WEIGHT - 499g

Buy on Amazon for € 74.90

Followus Backpack - For girls with a lot of personality


✓ TRENDY - Made in eco leather with metal points. Reminiscent of a Valentino bag model.
✓ VERSATILE - Available in red or blue and with adjustable strap.
✓ DIMENSIONS - Width: 24cm / Depth: 16cm / Height: 30cm
✓ WEIGHT - 699g

Buy on Amazon for € 16.99

Waist bag

What do you think about using a bag that doesn't necessarily have to be worn on the shoulders? The baby carrier is an accessory that, in addition to being in the top trends from autumn 2018, is very comfortable to wear, because it is made to be worn on life!

Its size is small, but that doesn't mean you have to give up on carrying everything you consider necessary for your day! In the pouch there are more things than we think and the more sporty models, in addition to keeping up with the autumn winter 2018-2019 trends, are even more attentive to ergonomics, therefore, they are even more comfortable!

You can use them in two ways:

  • at the waist, so as to take all the weight off your shoulders, so your back will definitely be free from pain.
  • Crossed on the chest, this way the belt of the baby carrier will rest on your chest and the weight will be balanced.

ETESCO Bum Bag - The most desired one


✓ TRENDY - It is a low-cost version of the Gucci belt bag.
✓ VERSATILE - Adjustable belt
✓ DIMENSIONS - Width: 11cm / Depth: 4cm / Height: 8cm
✓ WEIGHT - 281g

Buy on Amazon for € 20.99

Adidas Waist Bag - For the most active girls


✓ TRENDY - Follow the autumn winter 2018-2019 sportswear trends
✓ VERSATILE - Adjustable belt
✓ DIMENSIONS - Width: 25cm / Depth: 15cm / Height: 17cm
✓ WEIGHT - 81.6g

Buy on Amazon for € 32.94

NYKKOLA - The most fun


✓ FUN - Transparent with hologram color
✓ DIMENSIONS - Width: 36cm / Depth: 16cm / Height: 20cm
✓ WEIGHT - 159g

Buy on Amazon for € 12.38 <

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