Marlon Teixeira, from Brazil on the crest of the wave

Despite her young age she worked for great fashion houses such as CustoBarcelona, ​​Armani Jeans, Dior Homme, Enrico Coveri, Ermanno Scervino, for which she posed for advertising campaigns or catwalks during fashion weeks.

I had the opportunity to meet him and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. At first glance he still seems like a little boy, with little experience and a rather naive global vision. it helped a lot, making him grow up quickly. Humble, smiling and with that cheeky "air" of someone who knows he is a sex symbol but does not want to get upset: this is what we found out about the beautiful Brazilian model.

At what age did you start your modeling career? Why did you choose to undertake it?
I was about 17 years old. It was not a life choice, but a coincidence. I remember that my mother had a contact who wanted to introduce me and one evening, while I was at dinner, I came up with this proposal to become a model. I must admit that at the beginning I was not particularly inclined to the idea and I was very skeptical. It was a world very far from my reality and then I was really very young and I had completely different interests from the world of fashion.

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You are very young, yet you have already worked with Enrico Coveri, Ermanno Scervino, Armani, Iceberg, Dior Homme, Custo Barcelona… how do you feel about having such a wide range of experience?
I don't really think about it much. I always feel the same Marlon as ever. I don't like to take advantage of work for my private life or for any other purpose than my work. Fortunately I was brought up with sound principles, I have to thank my mother for that.

Do you miss Brazil?
Very much, as soon as I set foot at the airport to return to New York, I already feel the lack of home. Mine is a small family, made up of my mother and my two sisters so when I manage to return to see them I realize how much I feel actually the lack of lightheartedness that the 19-year-olds should have. Another thing that I miss a lot is the beach. I was and still am a surfing fan, until I injured my knee I also participated in competitive competitions. Of course, even in New York in a short time I reach the sea, but it is not the same thing. Brazil is where I grew up and I know the waves as my best friends.

What course of study did you do?
I stopped studying at 17, when I started a modeling career. If it hadn't gone like this I would have liked to go on and go to university. Most likely I would have chosen architecture, it has always fascinated me very much.

What would you have liked to have done if you hadn't started a modeling career?
If it weren't for the knee problem and considering the passion I have for surfing, I would have liked to become a professional surfer and always live in contact with the sea. Alternatively, I would certainly have opted for the profession of architect.

You wore clothes made of mirrors, of rope, of gold. How far would you go for fashion?
If the garments are artistically studied and elaborated, I would have no problem wearing them. On the other hand, it's my job, I can't refuse an outfit just because it's not in line with my tastes. I also believe that being a model means being able to best interpret the designer's proposals regardless of what you she's wearing.

What was the strangest request that was made of you for a photo shoot / fashion show?
Thinking about it like this, on the spot, nothing particularly striking comes to mind. One thing I remember, mostly as cumbersome, was a fashion show in which they had to cover me with tattoos: five pre-make-up to achieve the desired result.

Have you ever turned down a job because of the kind of request that was made of you?
The only thing I categorically refuse to do is to pose naked. For the rest I have no problem whatsoever: whether it's wearing micro, fluorescent or studded clothes.

What are your hobbies?
In addition to surfing I would definitely say skateboarding, football and rollerblading. I like to move and being outdoors, so these are ideal for me. Reading also gives me a lot of satisfaction. Another thing I love to do is to cook. It relaxes me a lot and I enjoy creating new dishes… although maybe I should learn a few more things!

The last book you read?
Kerouac's Dharma Wanderers.

What advice would you give to guys who would like to take the same path as you? What are the things not to do and vice versa?
First of all, realize that this is a difficult path. A casting is not enough to get hired. You have to do so many before you are lucky enough to be chosen. I think the best advice is to never lose your identity, even if you reach high levels of fame and success. Do not be disheartened if they receive no and continue to persevere with patience and willpower.

Marlon Teixeira, from Brazil on the crest of the wave

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