Turtleneck sweater: 4 moves to wear it like fashionistas

The turtleneck or turtleneck sweater is a great trend of winter 2018/2019! In addition to being the ideal model to keep you warm throughout the season, it is a garment that can make your look very elegant and refined. There is no such thing. prettier than tucking into a nice warm sweater on cold days, but which turtleneck sweater model suits your style? Here are the 4 moves to express its full potential when wearing it, with examples of the hottest fashionistas of Instagram!

Combination turtleneck sweater + coat: elegant and classic

Turtleneck sweaters are incredibly stylish when paired with woolen coats and blazers. They are therefore perfect for a classic and carefree look. For example, you can replace your office shirt with a fitted turtleneck, pairing it with elegant jewels.

Our favorite office outfit? High-waisted cropped trousers, ankle boots with low heels, a classic color sweater and a colorful coat.

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100% merino wool Meraki sweater

To create an elegant and classic look, go for fitted yarn-dyed turtleneck sweaters like this 100% merino wool model from Meraki. Its price is unbeatable and the quality is great (4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon reviews). And if you want to focus on lighter colors, beige, blue, light gray and light pink shades are also available.

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Trendiest combination: turtleneck sweater + layered shirt

Do you think that the first combination is too simple and you want to be a little more daring without being too flashy? This season, fashion also focuses on the combination of different layers of shirts. The good news, therefore, is that from today you can wear your favorite shirt even in winter without fear of being cold!

Styling tip: Choose a wool turtleneck sweater, thin and fitted, so you won't have the extra volume and can combine multiple layers of clothing. Don't be afraid of colors! If you want to focus on strong tones, try combining pink and red, or orange and wine. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more discreet look, go for cream, white or beige colors.

Abollria women's turtleneck sweater

Made of acrylic, spandex and viscose, the Abollria turtleneck sweater is soft, snug and at the same time gentle on the skin. It is ideal for creating an overlay look with maximum comfort. In addition, the seller offers a wide variety of colors ranging from white to green.

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Chic & comfy: oversized turtleneck sweater

We particularly love the oversized turtleneck sweaters. Because? Because the knitted pieces are already super comfortable and warm and if they also have a soft oversized cut everything becomes even more cuddly! In addition, the oversized models are really easy to combine with any look.

A turtleneck sweater in a vibrant color will be particularly popular this winter: go for purple, emerald green, ruby ​​red or mustard yellow tones. If, on the other hand, you want to keep a more basic look, you can obviously focus on neutral tones that are an evergreen of style and are also suitable for larger sizes.

Styling tip: If you want to combine your oversized turtleneck sweater with a pair of trousers, choose slim styles such as skinny jeans, trumpet jeans or leggings. This will ensure a more slender look despite the voluminous sweater.

Oodji oversized turtleneck sweater

Oodij oversized sweater will ensure that your New Year's Eve parties in the mountains will be stylish, comfortable and very warm! This model is ideal to be combined with leggings or a leather skirt with elegant leather ankle boots. In case you don't even want to move from the sofa, a pair of UGG style boot leggings will be your best choice!

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Bold combination: turtleneck sweater + midi dress

If you love to use clothes but you think they are only a summer prerogative, change your mind: you can also do it in winter! Just pair them with a nice fitted wool sweater, fur coat, sneakers, wool socks and go!

The turtleneck sweater looks particularly good when paired with a soft and refined dress. The mix of materials ensures a cool look and in step with trends.

Important: if you want to wear a turtleneck under your dress, you should definitely focus on slim-fit models in thin cotton fabric. Oversized sweaters or those made of thick fabric make too much volume under the dress.

Sisley turtleneck sweater

Made of wool, polyamide and viscose, the Sisley sweater in green shades will guarantee you a colorful, lively and extremely comfortable look throughout the winter!

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