The best healthy recipe books

To eat healthily, the first rule to respect is: cook! Even if it is full of organic and quality restaurants, buying and preparing the dishes yourself is always better!
Whether it's sweet, savory, or vegan, the world is full of delicious and healthy recipes.
That's why we have selected the best healthy recipe books on the market on Amazon, for you, your loved ones and even your dog!

My life in the kitchen by Antonella Clerici

The splendid TV presenter with the "help of the greatest chefs of" La prova del cuoco ", proposes a book full of easy, good recipes, within everyone's reach, with ingredients that you can buy at home and an eye to well-being, to cooking. healthier, with seeds and wholemeal flours, fruit and seasonal vegetables.

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Easy vegan: 120 healthy and tasty recipes within everyone's reach

Healthy, simple and tasty recipes, for those approaching a vegan diet for the first time. The suggested recipes help to make the best use of the organic and biodynamic ingredients, indicating all those that should not be missing in the pantry: oil seeds, fruit dried, cold-pressed oils, algae, sprouts, flours and whole grains, vegetable proteins, fruit and vegetables in season. Simple dishes that revisit traditional dishes.


Fit Bakery: healthy and sugar-free breakfasts

If you are a lover of sweets and healthy cooking, you cannot miss the opportunity to try many super healthy and fit recipes that you will find in this book. You can enjoy sweets every day without worrying about your figure and your health! Perfect for those who just can't say no to dessert!


Dog biscuits made by you

Biscuits with meat, fish and lots of delicacies to make your dog happy. The book contains 50 recipes to prepare tasty and healthy snacks for your best four-legged friend, and healthy ideas to celebrate special days together such as "birthday cakes" designed especially for our furry friends. Inside you will also find 3 molds to make tasty heart, dog or bone shaped biscuits.


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