The best centrifuges under € 50

There is nothing better and healthier than consuming fresh fruit and vegetables. If you love smoothies too, the time has come to invest in a quality centrifuge. But don't be afraid of the price: we have selected the best four juices all for less than 50 euros which, in addition to an excellent quality-price ratio, will allow you to drink all the juices you want and when you want!

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Aicook centrifuge

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Let's start with this efficient and inexpensive Aicook juicer, offering excellent value for money. In fact, for less than 50 euros, you will have fresh fruit and vegetable juices at any time of the day and in seconds. Thanks to its width, it offers easy cleaning, which will no longer be a disadvantage.
The device is powerful and will take care of all your favorite foods. Thanks to its non-slip feet, you will avoid accidents. Plus, you won't waste a single drop of juice with its drip-free mouth. Of great aesthetic effect, it will offer a modern touch to your kitchen.

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Aicok centrifuge

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This Aicok juicer for less than 50 euros will surprise you in many ways. First of all for the low price, but that's not all: it will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of fruit and vegetables since it extracts 26% more juice than other extractors, but also 36% more vitamins. A delightful way to start the day.
BPA-free, it only takes seconds to make your favorite juices. Thanks to its ease of use, do not hesitate to vary and create new recipes. Safe, it has a very practical locking arm. A washing brush is also provided.

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Philips centrifuge

© Philips HR1823 / 70 / Amazon

With its simplicity and low price, Philips offers us a fast and efficient centrifuge, to enjoy fresh fruit all day, with friends and family. In fact, once the fruits and vegetables have been passed in the juicer, you can serve them directly with the juice, thanks to the integrated pitcher and the spout that can hold up to 400 ml. Comfortable! Optimize your space thanks to its small size and the appliance is very easy to wash. With its original design, you can squeeze your juices without interruption, with the removable 500ml pulp container.

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Aigostar centrifuge

© Aigostar Grape 30JDA / Amazon

The Aigostar semi-professional centrifuge has a very attractive price, for an excellent quality-price ratio. Indeed, it has a motor with a power of 400 watts for two speeds, suitable for all types of fruit and vegetables. Made of steel, it is very robust and functional. If you are afraid of accidents, this is the car you need. Its locking is very secure thanks to the side arms that attach and the machine does not start until the tools are assembled and the lid is closed properly. With 1.4L pulp tank capacity and 500ml container, it offers delicious smoothies or cold soups for the whole family.

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