Princess Mary of Denmark refuses to wear the veil in Saudi Arabia (photos)

In January 2015, photos of Michelle Obama, an uncovered head in Saudi Arabia, had gone around the world. During an official trip to accompany her husband Barack, the woman had decided not to wear the Islamic veil. The choice caused a sensation, above all because Arabia is a country where women's rights are almost non-existent: women cannot drive and cannot work without the consent of their husbands or their relatives. Princess Mary of Denmark, as well as the First Lady, she decided to reply by presenting herself to King Salmane ben Abdelaziz Al Saoud without an Islamic veil.

Obviously, nothing is left to chance and the princess is very careful to cover her legs and arms with wide dresses and not showy colors.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in Saudi Arabia: Day 1.

- Scandinavian Royals. (@crownprincely) 29 février 2016

IN # SAUDI- # ARABIA CrownPrince & CrownPrincess of #Demark on tour & Mary is stylish in @Missoni #kongebloggen #royals

- Kjell Arne Totland (@ TV2KjellArne) 29 février 2016
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Some have found the behavior of these two women outrageous but theirs is a legitimate choice: foreigners are in fact subject to more flexible laws.

Princess Mary follows Michelle Obama's lead in not donning a headscarf in Saudi Arabia

- Daily Mail Femail (@Femail) March 1, 2016

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