Milk kefir: all the benefits of fermented milk made from kefiran granules

Kefir (some prefer to write it kéfir) is a fermented dairy product made from cow's milk, sheep's milk or goat's milk made from special granules. It is a product to drink made from fermented milk, with a creamy consistency and sour taste. We tell you about it in depth in this article.
Did you know that a creamy product like yogurt is obtained from Kefir granules? Watch the video below.

The origin of the Kefir granules

Milk kefir can also be produced at home by mixing fresh milk and kefir granules also called kefiran (or ferments) and must be kept strictly in the fridge. It also keeps seven days. Milk kefir originates from Russia, in particular from the Caucasus, whose inhabitants have practically always used it as a food with beneficial properties, with a precious probiotic effect, thanks to the Lactobacillus acidophilus contained in the drink following fermentation. In fact, since ancient times the properties of Kefir were known and appreciated in the Caucasus, so much so that the very word keifr means well-being. Unlike water Kefir, milk kefir is a real dairy product that retains a part of lactose (even if less) even after fermentation, so it is not suitable for lactose intolerant. This drink is nutritious and rich in B vitamins, calcium and phosphorus, it also contains some saturated fat and cholesterol so it is best not to abuse them in case of high cholesterol. As we have already seen, it is always contraindicated for those with intolerances or allergies to milk or for those suffering from intolerance to histamine, a substance that is released in our body after milk intake.
Now the home made production of kefir granules is really also in fashion, it happens more and more often to find its protagonist granules or secondary ingredient of many recipes: soups, muffins, cakes and everything that your imagination in the kitchen will suggest. Even the stars are rumored to be connoisseurs of Kefir granules!

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Kefir granules vs yogurt: even every day!

Kefir is taken raw, fresh and cold, it can be consumed with honey and fruit, as a valid substitute for yogurt with which it has many characteristics in common. Today, kefir is used much more in the kitchen even in that of our country, as a product and wellness ingredient suitable for those who choose a natural and healthy diet. Kefir is obtained from the fermentative action of bacterial strains and yeasts other than yogurt. Kefir, unlike yogurt, has a slight alcohol content that derives from the fermentation process. Kefir is more digestible than milk: this does not mean eat excessive amounts of kefir. It is suitable for those who follow protein diets. This drink obtained from small fermented granules is always contraindicated in case of reflux, gastritis, ulcer, colitis and irritable colon. Read on to find out how to prepare it easily even at home But remember: wellness foods are not always good for everyone: discover all the detox foods that are right for you!

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Where to buy the products to make Kefir

Kefir has a creamy texture that lends itself well to reinterpreting many sweet and savory recipes. You can buy a bacterial culture online to stabilize at home. These products are in fact a bacterial culture rich in active and live bacteria that are so good for the intestine and counteract bad bacteria. You can also buy the culture for the preparation of Kefir on Amazon: remember that this fermented milk does not contain gluten and is suitable for vegetarians. If you prefer, you can buy a kit to prepare kefir from scratch at home: you will not need any appliances but you will have to pay attention to the coagulation and fermentation times to obtain the creamy and compact consistency you want. It is important to choose the milk to use remembering that the whole side produces firm and good kefir while the lean side takes time to ferment and often produces a too soft texture. If after preparing the milk kefir you realize that it is not very creamy even though you have used whole milk you will have to pay attention to the temperature in the house, if it is too low in fact the milk cannot coagulate. The extra idea: if you want to take kefir but are intolerant to milk, you can prepare it yourself using soy milk or rice milk instead of whole milk! In this way it is also perfect for those who follow a vegan diet. Kefir has an alcoholic base which, although small, should not be neglected: for this reason at home it almost always meets the favor of adults but not of children who instead seem to appreciate more water kefir, from which a sparkling and thirst-quenching drink is obtained, to be flavored as you prefer.

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Making kefir at home

Making kefir at home is really simple! You need half a liter of milk (whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed) for every 50 grams of milk kefir granules. The grains should be placed in a glass container together with the milk. Just as you also prepare water kefir, the container should be closed and covered and left to ferment for 24 hours. The fermentation of kefir granules in milk usually takes one day but you can extend it to 48 hours as well. After two days of fermentation and a little attention, the kefir is ready! During the 24 hours from time to time open the jar and mix the granules carefully. At this point, stir the milk mixture well and filter the kefir with a sieve without crushing the granules.Before eating it, let it cool in the fridge for three hours to make sure it reaches the optimal consistency. Milk Kefir can be kept in the fridge for 1 week. Do you prefer a less acidic taste? After two days of fermentation, do not mix the mixture and remove the whey from the milk (it appears as separate), at this point filter the mixture and enjoy lituo kefir with a less acidulous aftertaste!

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Properties and all the benefits in milk kefir

Kefir is a recommended product and generally (in some cases without exceeding) it is suitable for everyone because it provides lactic ferments and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin B and vitamin K, all essential elements for our well-being and for our health. In particular, Kefir has beneficial substances such as tryptophan, with calming power. They are ideal for those suffering from insomnia or states of stress and nervousness.
Like many foods and products of the probiotic family, milk kefir can also be the right choice in cases where it is necessary to restore the intestinal flora, for example after antibiotic therapy. It is also recommended for both pregnant women (it contains folic acid) and for those women who are breastfeeding. Thanks to the large amount of proteins that milk kefir contains, it can be a product indicated in all those cases of debilitation such as anorexia and weight loss or for athletes looking for muscle growth from their competitive or amateur performance.

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