Valentine's Day gift ideas for her: the most original choices up to € 50

Attention men! This Valentine's Day you will have a great opportunity to make a good impression! With the list of tips we have created for you together with the 2019 winter sales, you will be ready to amaze your love with a super gift that respects your budget.

From sex toys to elegant dresses, here are 5 extremely original Valentine's Day gift ideas, far from clichés that will make your woman feel the mistress of the universe!

1. Give a super hot cuddle

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To each her own: the best sex toys for her

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What would romance be without passion? This Valentine's Day try to warm up your winter evening even more with some erotic toys! The options are many and we advise you to explore all the pleasure that your woman can feel, make her become the protagonist of your pampering and discover all the potential of female pleasure that can explode under the covers!

Start with a nice tantric massage together with a lubricating oil to ignite all the sensations and stimulate all the erogenous zones of your love. After, since we are talking about the protagonism of the woman, explore the clitoral stimulation a bit with a clitoral sucking sex toy or discover the mythical G-spot with vibrators suitable for its stimulation. Don't worry about being excluded, believe us when we say that these ideas come for enhance even more pleasure as a couple!

Our selection of the best sex toys:
Vibrator Utimi stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris € 28.99
Satisfyer Pro Penguin Clit Sucker € 32.22 (54% discount)
Loovara massage gel and sexual lubricant € 10.97
Loovara Clitoral Stimulating Gel 13.99 €

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A beautiful jewel


A jewel is forever and is a gift that even the most skeptical of women like. Obviously we do not suggest the obvious clichés such as a ring or a diamond necklace, but a modern jewel, of quality and in step with trends. A bracelet with an original design or important earrings are the ideal accessories to give to a woman who likes to be a model of style. More delicate earrings, along with a rich pendant necklace can also be an excellent combo for an unforgettable gift!

See our selection of the best jewelry available with discount on Amazon:
B.Catcher silver and cubic zirconia earrings € 12.99 (86% discount)
925 silver necklace with Alex Perry crystal cube pendant € 12.99 (41% discount)
To do combo with: Alex Perry Crystal Round Pendant 925 Silver Necklace 22.99 (82% discount)

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Give your love a spa


Why waste time in full, expensive and messed up restaurants? Most of the time, the perfect Valentine's Day is right inside your home! A massage, a nice soak in a tub, a long cuddle is perhaps all your love needs after a long week. This is the time to create a home spa to dedicate your time to pampering those you love, focusing on their well-being and self-esteem.

Here is our selection of the best cosmetics for a romantic and loving evening with your woman!
Loovara warming massage oil € 10.99
Nesti Dante olive oil shower gel 5.52 €
John Masters Organics Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Cream € 21.87
Essort essential oil set € 16.99

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Elegant and trendy dress for a passionate encounter


Feminine, comfortable and extremely elegant, a dress can be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for someone in love with a fashionista. The winter sales on this occasion help a lot because it will be possible to find online models in step with fashion and the discount further helps: instead of just one, you can buy maybe two of the clothes your sweetheart wants! Don't be afraid of winter: just add some original tights and the Valentine's look is ready!

Our selection of the best dress models on offer on Amazon
Glamorous floral dress € 36.72 (40% discount)
Glamorous pink velvet dress € 37.94
New Look sequin dress € 51.39

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A camera


Creative women are truly fascinating. The way they look at life makes everything become poetry ... Are you interested in becoming one of its inspirations? Support her! We found amazing deals on Lomo analog cameras on Amazon that will bring even more creative combinations to your beloved artist:

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