The suspension wires

The principle
With age, the skin of the face relaxes. The suspension threads "lift" the relaxed tissues, giving tone to the skin.
There are different types of suspension threads: gold threads, non-absorbable serrated polypropylene threads, and resorbable serrated threads. The diameter varies from 0.3 to 0.5mm and the length from 8 to 20 cm. The serrated threads, thanks to the numerous ridges (spines) they stick under the skin.The absorbable threads dissolve in a few months, after having played their role: "forcing the skin to tighten".

First, the specialist draws skin tension lines on the patient, in a vertical position. Then, under local anesthesia and without hospitalization, he inserts the threads with a needle, pulling slightly until the relaxed parts of the face are raised. The skin adheres to the threads thanks to the "thorns", following very specific directions: hence the lifting effect. The implementation of the intervention requires an "excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the face, in order not to risk damaging the nerves and blood vessels." . The ends of the thread are cut. The traction effect is seen immediately and can be corrected, even later.
Once the threads have been arranged (in 2 or 3 regions at the same time), the specialist applies ice to the treated area, to avoid the appearance of hematomas. This lifting with suspension threads is carried out in less than 2 hours.

To know
- This technique requires rigorous sterilization, as always when a foreign body is introduced into the organism.
- In addition to the immediate effects, the result manifests itself after two months, consolidates in the following months and lasts for 7-8 years.
- The suspension wires are recommended to "raise" the mandibular area, the cheekbones, the temples and the neck. And thanks to the newly stretched fabrics, the oval of the face is reshaped.
- Suspension threads usually do not cause rejection or allergy. They are suitable for all skin types.
- The cost ranges from 1000 to 3000 €, depending on the areas treated and the quantity of threads used.

After the treatment
- This technique does not leave scars, but temporary swelling and bruising are formed in the "raised" areas.
- The treatment is almost painless. After the operation, the tissues are sensitized. For three weeks it is recommended to wash the face gently, so as not to interfere with the quality of the result.
- After surgery, the patient can resume a normal life, avoiding sports for 3 weeks.

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