Weekly horoscope from 16 to 22 April 2018: what a moon, Gemelline!

Aries: follow your instincts!

Dear Aries, you are a fiery type and if you put something in your head it is really hard to hold back. This week, however, you will do well to listen to your instincts, because it could give you some unexpected surprises, thanks to the conjunction of Mercury ... The luckiest days of the week will be those of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, while between Saturday and Sunday it could be born some tension in the couple.

Taurus: what a romance!

Dear Taurus, continue a very lucky period for your sign as far as love is concerned! Venus in the sign offers emotions and important encounters, you feel ready to dive into a lasting relationship again, projects no longer scare you and passion lights up your days. Super-lucky Monday and Tuesday, with the moon in conjunction: take advantage of it to get ahead at work, you could reap unexpected benefits. Definitely romantic weekend!

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Gemini: lucky moon!

Dear Gemini, yours is going to be a very lucky week! In favor of Mercury, a particularly important and influential planet for your sign, the moon will be added in conjunction on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: do not be afraid to dare, at this moment you are strong and seductive enough to be able to conquer anyone. in love than at work! Relaxed weekend, in which there will be interesting meetings ...

Cancer: a relaxing weekend!

Dear Cancer, on the sentimental side your sign is definitely favored: Venus helps you to clarify your partner and resolve outstanding issues. At work, however, you are experiencing a blockage situation that unfortunately will haunt you for a few more weeks. Bet everything on the days of Saturday and Sunday, when a beautiful lucky moon will shine in your sign and you will be able to leave the tensions of the week behind.

Leo: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Leone, the disfavor of Venus, unfortunately, gives you a rather demanding week on the sentimental front, in which it will not always be easy to understand each other or find the right complicity ... Be patient and do not get stuck on your positions, especially on Mondays and Tuesday, when the nervousness will be skyrocketing. Fortunately, Mercury will take care of bringing you good news: at work you assert yourself and your merits will be recognized.

Virgo: stop ruminating!

Dear Virgo, with your tendency to brood a little too much, you risk not enjoying this beautiful clear sky: the stars in fact promise you happiness and passion in terms of feelings, with a beautiful Venus on your side. Could it be the case to enjoy them without getting too paranoid? Beware of a little more nervousness on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Better on weekends, protected by a favorable and lucky moon.

Libra: beautiful emotions ...

Dear Libra, it is true that the sky has become more serene compared to March, but the opposition of Mercury continues to haunt you: doubts and perplexities regarding your work or even the people you are surrounded by are getting stronger and stronger. . Continue on your way and you will soon be rewarded! In love, the sky protects your relationship and gives you beautiful emotions, especially in the central part of the week. Here are three adjectives to describe you:

Scorpio: Venus opposite ...

Dear Scorpio, unfortunately again this week you will have to deal with the opposition of Venus ... the planet of love puts a spanner in the works of your romantic relationship: you will have the impression that you and your partner speak two different languages! Particularly hard and nervous will be the days of Monday and Tuesday, when the moon will also be opposite… Take advantage of the clearer sky on Saturday and Sunday to relax together.

Sagittarius: moon in opposition ...

Dear Sagittarius, this week you can count on a nice favorable Mercury, which will make your relationship life full of joy, encounters and unexpected occasions. But pay attention to the days of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when you will have to deal with the moon in opposition ... do not get nervous and drive away all those people who steal your energy! Weekend dedicated to love and relaxation.

Capricorn: focus on feelings!

Dear Capricorn, you have now left behind the most complicated period, especially from the point of view of feelings: Venus in Taurus now promises you a great recovery and you will finally be able to smile again at the side of a person capable of understanding you in depth. Unfortunately, the weekend promises to be quite agitated because of the moon in opposition: you should avoid arguments and put work aside, which is not easy for your sign ...

Aquarius: protected by the moon!

Dear Aquarius, love this week will give you a hard time: your relationship does not satisfy you enough and sometimes you will feel the need for a little more loneliness, especially in the days of greatest tension, those of Monday and Tuesday ... Better in the middle of the week, when you will be protected by a beautiful favorable moon and you could receive good news, especially possible in the workplace.

Pisces: long live the love!

Dear Pesci, it is appropriate to say: long live love! For a sentimental soul like yours, there is nothing better than having the planet Venus in your favor. Your relationship will make good progress and you will finally feel loved the way you deserve. Do not get discouraged if some conflict may arise in the middle of the week: it will only be some passing tension. The weekend will be blessed with luck!

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