Stop Hair Shaming, Pantene and Chiara Ferragni's commitment against bullying

The physical appearance and image we choose to have is not only a pure material fact, but also alludes to the expression of ourselves and of our personality. A dress, how we put on make-up or the way we wear our hair, for example, they say a lot about us and are one of the many ways we communicate with others and tell them who we are.

It is no secret, moreover, that self-confidence and self-esteem also pass through our image and the way it is received and judged by others and by society. And here, when we receive criticism, or even offense, even on an apparently superficial aspect such as the way we dress or wear our hair, one can only feel the blow and see our self-confidence tarnished.

The conditioning of others and the fear of others' judgment are in fact natural and inherent aspects in each of us, for this reason, even the simplest criticisms regarding an aspect of our body can have quite heavy consequences on us and our self-confidence. Nowadays, where fortunately we are starting to raise awareness on the subject of body shaming, we have certainly made progress in this direction, but there is still a lot to be done against bullying of all kinds. One of the lesser known, but equally dangerous and important areas is bullying that targets hair and how to wear it. Called hair shaming, this type of bullying is perhaps little considered because it is now part of our mentality and is more associated with clichés, idioms, superstitions and apparently harmless clichés, which have always entered common language. The reality, however, is quite different.

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Hair shaming: the most common prejudices about hair and how to wear it

After all, pay attention to it: how many times during your day do you happen to hear apparently nice comments and phrases that have as their object being blonde and stupid? be part of the common imagination and everyday life.

Not only! There are many other idioms and clichés that have hair as protagonists. For example, showing off white or gray hair is often associated with being sloppy and neglected. Or again, unfounded beliefs such as those who consider curly women to be rebellious, capricious and messy-looking, and that to be elegant and tidy you have to show off hair. smooth. Not to mention an ancient superstition that red-haired women bring bad luck.

In short, a series of not very nice considerations. But these are nothing more than labels that only inhibit our ability to express ourselves naturally and give vent to our true personality. They do not give space to the possibility of unleashing the strength of our hair. That strength we feel when we leave the house with the hair that we feel most ours, when we have more confidence in ourselves for a styling that comes as we like it.

Pantene's commitment to hair shaming

Pantene has decided to take the front line and say enough, launching the campaign: #STOPHAIRSHAMING.

Thanks to the support of a study carried out by Yale University, Pantene has found that only 1 in 10 women worldwide is satisfied with their hair. It also emerged that feeling comfortable with your hair contributes to increasing a person's self-esteem. In fact, the study reported that feeling good and comfortable with your hair has significant psychological consequences that increase mental, physical and social strength.

With his initiative, Pantene therefore wants to speak to those 9 out of 10 women who are not satisfied and would like to have another type of hair, telling them that they have the right to feel free to show themselves as they wish and to be proud of it. silencing prejudices and criticisms of all kinds.

Chiara Ferragni, the testimonial of the campaign against hair shaming

And who better than Chiara Ferragni, who made her hair color a real trademark with The Blonde Salade, could be chosen as an ambassador of excellence for this new movement that, starting from the hair, fights against bullying and prejudices ?

Chiara, in addition to being a "beloved influencer and a successful personality - she was also included in 2015 by Forbes magazine among the 30 most influential under 30s in the world - is an example and a point of reference for many young girls to whom she is able to speak and address in a fresh and light way even on dense and important topics like this.

Yet the prejudice that a large part of public opinion has towards Chiara is still evident. And this also because of her physical appearance, her blond hair and her interest in fashion and style. In short, there still seems to be a lot of way to go, but Chiara's words sound like a true manifesto against bullying and a hymn to express oneself without caring about the opinion of others and useless labels.

And so, to the cry of #StopHairShamingPlease and #LiberaLaForzaDeiTuoiCapelli, Chiara expresses her message loud and clear:

In a world where we strive to make women feel good and give girls more self-confidence and self-confidence, I find all these comments about “stupid blondes” really superficial and outdated! Stupid Blonde, Carrot Redhead, Curly Capricious and Bush…. Enough of all these labels! I've never felt “perfect” in my life but I've always been lucky enough to feel safe in my own skin. Don't let yourself be defined by any label! Celebrate your uniqueness! It will be your strong point! #StopHairShamingPlease #Hairshamingisforlosers #HairPantene

And here it is also in a more fun and ironic version, during the backstage of the video.

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