6 top models of winter gloves

When it's cold, every part of our body is exposed to low temperatures.
And if you have often sacrificed your hands, because gloves represent an impediment for you, from today you have nothing more to fear.
And if even when you are on the road you cannot give up your beloved smartphone, the watchword for winter is touchscreen for you.

There are a lot of warm and beautiful glove designs with sensors sewn on the ends that will allow you to write emails, answer messages and calls without turning your hands into two popsicles!

We have selected the top 6 models of this season. Choose the model that best reflects your personality, your look and your tastes or take a cue for a Christmas gift, always useful and cheap!

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Crazy about Christmas

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For you, December means Christmas.
You are the Christmas spirit himself and everything must be strictly themed.
The first of the month you go get your holiday manicure and you have decorated your tree as soon as Halloween is over.

In short, for you, it is impossible to choose an accessory that does not refer to the magic of Christmas.
Here are the right touch screen gloves for you, with a little reindeer that will bring you some magic even after the holidays!

Buy on Amazon for € 9.99

Cold, I don't fear you anymore

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You are a real chilly.
You spend all your free moments between October and May, wrapped in your blanket dreaming of summer.
For you there are only very warm duvets, lined hats and your best friend is the bed warmer.
Here are some gloves that will make you feel better just by looking at them. Soft and warm, with touch sensors on the thumb, forefinger and middle finger, they will allow you to protect your hands from freezing and to continue looking at photos of tropical beaches on your smartphone!

Buy on Amazon for € 11.33

Christmas in pink!

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Since you were a child, your favorite color is pink and you have always had a great sympathy for flamingos.
Those adorable, funny colored feathers that look good on any accessory.
Why not also choose them on gloves for a touch of color even on the grayest days?

These are perfect for you, touchscreen and lined in faux fur to keep you and your flamingo friend warm.

Buy on Amazon for € 8.99

The North Face: the trend of the year

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New to The North Face?
The brand against the cold par excellence, was born as a sports brand for winter sports enthusiasts.
The cities are full of backpacks, duvets, accessories of all kinds by The North Face. A real guarantee, when it comes to shelter from the cold, but also the brand of the year.
Perfect if you have a rather practical and sporty style, but you can't give up the designer accessories of the moment.

Buy on Amazon for € 25.95 (35% discount)

Rock "n" Roll Girl

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A true rocker like you, she certainly does not fear the cold, but she loves accessories, especially the biker ones that perfectly match your racing car on two wheels.
For you, the ideal model is one in eco-leather with half fingers, an icon of style, preferably studded and in a splendid flaming red.
Obviously you will not need the touchscreen, it will be your fingers, before getting in the saddle to press play on your favorite rock playlist!

Buy on Amazon for € 13.99

A real Lady

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Winter is annoying, but you, with your preppy, well-groomed style, have very little to fear.
You already have a very warm camel-colored coat, high quality leather boots and everything you need to fight the cold in style.
In short, you are a real lady! How about adding to your always impeccable outfit, a little gem that will make you the undisputed queen of the snows?

I'm talking about these very warm and precious cashmere gloves that are not only touchscreen and refined, but are also elbow-length! Vamp effect guaranteed!

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Buy on Amazon for € 59 <

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