DIY vertical garden: here's what you need to create your own

A DIY vertical garden is a great creative idea to create together with your family and is also a "great opportunity to feel more in touch with nature. We know that handling plants is a very useful" therapeutic activity, so why not to unify the useful with the pleasure?

In addition to having the opportunity to upgrade the furniture of your home, the vertical garden helps to purify the air, regulate humidity and, for those who believe in the energy and power of feng shui, a vertical garden can fill your home of energy and life!

Here are the tips we have selected for you to create your DIY vertical garden at a very low cost:

How to choose the right location for your DIY vertical garden

The location in which your vertical garden will be placed is crucial for the optimal development of the plants you will add after preparing the soil.

The garden should be placed in a bright corner, preferably in a place where it is possible to have some direct sunlight during the day. If your house does not have windows that allow direct light in, no problem! on the creation of a vertical garden of succulent plants or tropical plants that need little direct light. Be careful, however: little light does not mean dark! The choice of the place must always focus on the maximum brightness of the room (especially during the winter).

The vertical garden must be placed in a cool place and protected from sudden changes in temperature. Therefore, areas near the entrance doors, radiators or radiators are positions that must be avoided. Also pay attention to where the water pipes pass through the walls, because the passage of hot water from the shower or dishwasher can also be an unfavorable area. for your plants.

Another thing to consider before choosing the final place for your vertical garden is the flow of passage. Depending on the position, the passage of people in the room can damage your plants leaving them weak and without strength. High places or inaccessible corners are ideal for mounting your vertical garden.

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Which base should I choose to create my vertical garden?

The base is chosen once the location and type of plants that will be added to your vertical garden have been decided. There are countless types of base suitable for different types of vertical garden. Here are some types of plants and some basic advice:

DIY vertical garden with succulents


Easy to grow and maintain, the vertical garden with succulents is ideal for those who have little time to take care of the plants or have little light available in their apartment. They are compositions of great effect and not bulky that will bring a more welcoming air to your home, without much effort on your part.

Here are the steps:
1. Choose a frame about 5cm deep - buy on Amazon
2. Fill the frame with specific soil for succulents - buy on Amazon
3. Add succulent plant seeds to the potting soil (attention: don't put the seeds too deep in the earth - buy the pack of 5 types of succulent plant seeds on Amazon
4. Cover the frame with a light metal grid.
5. Spray water once every 4 or 5 days with the spray and as soon as the plants are born, spray as soon as the earth feels dry.

Decorative DIY vertical garden with tropical plants


A vertical garden with tropical plants is ideal for those who have a breezy apartment with little direct light. Tropical plants usually have thick, shiny leaves that can hang from the base, creating a beautiful wild effect in your room.

The ideal basis for this vertical garden is the pocket-style wall mount. As tropical plants are often suitable for staying in trees or hanging from trunks and rocks, they don't need a lot of soil, because its roots are not deep and so we recommend a base that has full, shallow pockets like this one. model for sale on Amazon for less than 16 €:


Here's how to grow your own tropical vertical garden:
1. Add orchid potting soil combined with universal potting soil (if you are looking to put already grown plants) to create the ideal environment for your tropical plants - Buy orchid potting soil here and universal potting soil here
2. Add your favorite mix of tropical plants - you can choose a mix of potos, aspidistra, schefflera or bromeliad - buy
3. Bathe once or twice a week or according to the temperature of the season. - find the seeds of your favorite plants on Amazon

DIY vertical herb garden


There is nothing more comfortable than a vertical vegetable garden full of aromatic plants in your kitchen. Aromatic plants are easy to grow, grow fast and can provide you with their leaves whenever you need them, but be careful! requires special attention and from the times, different treatments.

So, we recommend a vertical garden base with separate pockets, to avoid mixing the roots and even suffocating your plants like this 18 pocket vertical garden planter on offer on Amazon for around 16 €.
Also available in 25 pocket versions (around € 23) and 49 pocket versions (around € 23)


Those who have a small kitchenette with limited spaces, on the other hand, can focus on the compact 9 pocket version (€ 9.99) or the mobile vertical plastic pot version (around € 16)