8 ideas for seasoning friselle: easy and full of flavor recipes!

The frisella (or fresella in Neapolitan or Calabrese) is a large tarallo of durum wheat or barley toasted in the oven (ie cooked twice) to allow it to be preserved. A few drops of water and a drizzle of olive oil are enough to revive the frize at any time we feel like it, to devour them more or less crunchy, according to taste.

During the summer, every occasion is good to devour them, they are perfect for lunch and dinner as a single dish, as an afternoon snack, but also for an "aperitif in the open".

We propose below 8 tasty recipes to season the friselle, starting from the classic frisella with tomato, up to a surprising sweet version with strawberries. To prepare these recipes we have chosen mini friselle.

1. The tomato frisella: the great classic!

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Let's start with the basic recipe, the classic one: the tomato frisella. Very easy to prepare and tasty!

Just moisten the friselle under a little water, and cover them with diced tomato, which you will have seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, basil and salt. Do you want to add a little more flavor? Add a new ingredient ...

Below you can discover a quick and easy way to cut tomatoes quickly and flawlessly!

2. Friselle with tomato and anchovies

If you want to give a stronger flavor to your tomato friselle, just add an anchovy!

Rinse it to remove the salt or oil, and roll it over the tomato.

Why not choose a fresh and tasty vegetable side dish to dress your friselle? Here is an easy recipe for a perfect vegetarian friselle dressing!

3. Friselle with tomato, tuna and red onion

A latest version of the classic tomato frisella: add a little tuna to the olive oil and a slice of red onion.
You will see what goodness!

4. Friselle with shrimp in pink sauce

Let's leave the classic tomato frisella a bit ... to go for a ride towards the sea!

Make a pink sauce by mixing:
- Ketchup
- mayonnaise
- Worcestershire sauce
- salt and pepper

Add the shrimp to the pink sauce and season the friselle. You can finish by decorating with a small piece of lemon.

5. Salmon friselle and Philadelphia like a bagel

For this made in USA version, the friselline dress up as bagels.

To make them, spread Philadelphia-like cheese on the moistened friselle.
Add a slice of cucumber, two cubes of smoked salmon and finish by decorating with a little spring onion.

6. Friselle with ricotta and courgettes

These friselle have a very fresh flavor thanks to the mint that enriches the flavor of the ricotta.

The recipe is very simple: prepare a cream with ricotta and finely chopped fresh mint.

Brown a courgette cut into very small cubes in a pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Then season the frisella with the ricotta and the zucchini pan. And voila!

7. Guacamole friselle

Our latest savory frisella is topped with an avocado sauce like guacamole.

Preparing it is very easy: mash the pulp of an avocado. Season it with a chopped tomato, a little salt, a pinch of chilli (or Tabasco), and a little lemon juice.

Spread the guacamole over the friselle, and top with a slice of red onion.

8. Sweet strawberry frisella

To use your friselle from aperitif to dessert, here is the perfect recipe!

The base is made with Philadelphia type cheese, sweetened with a pinch of sugar.

Add some sliced ​​strawberries, and a few drops of balsamic vinegar cream. If you only have balsamic vinegar, just cook it over low heat until it becomes thick like a syrup.

Strawberries are also among the most suitable foods to accelerate metabolism and facilitate weight loss. Check out the others below: you could use some of them for super tasty and imaginative friselle!

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