Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari: family portrait. The most beautiful photos of the couple!

Happy mother of Stella, now twelve years old, and companion in love with Daniele Bossari, TV presenter with whom she has been a regular couple since the early 2000s. Filippa Lagerback seems to be unable to ask for more! In fact, just take a look at her Instagram profile to confirm the splendid life of the Swedish showgirl, who has been in our country for many years first for work, then for love. We took a "journey" through her social world and we have chosen for you the most romantic photos of Filippa in the version of sweet mother and companion in love with her man. Here they are below. Isn't the couple beautiful, increasingly complicit and close-knit, together with their daughter Stella?

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That's why Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari have no rivals! Daniele Bossari

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