Making love in the water

Before we proceed, here are some tips for better sex!

  1. · In the bath
  2. · At the sea
  3. · In the swimming pool
  4. · In the shower
  5. · In a whirlpool
  6. · Water and surroundings

In the bath

The pros: you and your partner are comfortable in your home. To create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, you can decorate the bathroom with scented candles, play slow music, fill the tub with foam and have two glasses of sparkling wine ready.

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The 10 best positions for making love in the shower

The cons: in general the space in the bathtub is small, the bathtub is always too short or too narrow. In two, it is already not easy to move a finger, let alone do stunts!

The best position: to save space, place yourself on top of each other! Sitting with your back to your partner, you can set the pace by holding on to the edge of the tub.

Our advice: be careful not to create too many waves, otherwise you risk flooding the bathroom!

At the sea

The pros: “Sex on the beach”, the cocktail says it too! Do summer, holidays, heat and your man playing beach volleyball bare-chested make desire rise? Quick, get in the water!

The cons: if the water is too salty you risk getting irritated, so don't forget to rinse yourself well in the shower once you've finished the bath.

The best position: face to face, as if you were quietly chatting. The curious on the beach will not suspect a thing!

Our advice: do not go too far but stay where you touch, it would be a shame to drown!

In the swimming pool

The pros: It has all the benefits of the beach, without the sand sticking to the skin and screaming babies!

The cons: to be practiced only in a private pool otherwise you risk being fined for obscene acts in a public place!

The best position: you and your partner have all the space you need, so all standing positions are possible. And if you can hold your breath for a long time, why not try some horizontal position?

Our advice: be careful that no one suddenly jumps into the water, without giving yourself time to put your swimsuit back on!

In the shower

The pros: for a man, there is nothing more sexy and exciting than being joined by your partner in the shower!

The cons: the showers are designed for one person only, so space is limited.

The best position: to avoid getting hurt by hitting the tiles, you can take turns in oral caresses.

Our advice: if you have a boiler, before starting check that you still have enough hot water ... having to finish cuddling under freezing water is not the best!

In a hot tub

The pros: the bubbles and jets of water will stimulate your body and that of your partner in two seconds!

The cons: not everyone can afford a hot tub, too bad!

The best position: you sitting on him, or him behind you. The water level is quite low so you can indulge yourself!

Our tip: Are you single? The whirlpool is so relaxing that you can give yourself a moment of solitary pleasure ...

Water and surroundings

In the rain, on the beach, clinging to the sink or washing machine ... you will not be immersed in water, but it can be just as pleasant ...

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