Jennifer Aniston's diet: the actress's typical menu in one day

Yes, it's true, she didn't have any children, but have you seen the stunning body of Jennifer Aniston, beautiful 50 years old? Elected several times by People the most beautiful woman in the world, the American actress sports one of the most fascinating bodies in Hollywood and is the portrait of health, the result of a healthy and regular lifestyle made up of sport, yoga, meditation and above all a balanced diet, as has declared herself in a recent interview. We decided to understand more specifically what Jennifer Aniston eats on her typical day to be so perfect. Here is the actress's menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner: ready to take notes?

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First thing: never forget constant exercise!

Before delving into the specific diet followed by the very tonic Hollywood actress, we cannot fail to remember how much constant physical exercise is essential to obtain a satisfactory result. In fact, alongside a healthy diet, it is essential to combine physical activity. In addition to jogging and yoga - loved by the diva - you can indulge in abdominal crunches that sculpt the abdominals and allow you to show off an enviable flat stomach. below a video that explains in detail how to do them!

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Breakfast: Jennifer Aniston's perfect menu to keep fit

No carbohydrates or sweets for breakfast, Jennifer Aniston's morning begins with a glass of warm lemon water - perfect for draining, deflating and regulating intestinal life - followed by a smoothie or avocado with eggs, Jennifer's favorite dish, which is often seasoned with a drop of coconut oil, a valuable food as it helps speed up the metabolism and lose weight faster. After all, avocado is beloved by celebrities, as well as the real main food of any detoxifying diet, together with lemon, rich in benefits for the figure and physical well-being.

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Other times, however, the actress's breakfast consists of puffed millet cereals, to which she adds a banana or oat flakes with whipped egg whites at the end, a gem that Jenny discovered thanks to her ex-husband Justin Theroux and which, like she declares herself, "it makes the mixture softer and more delicious".

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What Jennifer Aniston eats: the actress's diet for lunch and dinner

For lunch and dinner, the actress chooses a menu consisting mainly of vegetables and proteins, carefully avoiding the much-loved carbohydrates, which she reserves only for special and sporadic occasions. One of the actress's favorite dishes, for example, is a quinoa salad. based on avocado, cucumber, tomato and parsley.Also for snacks and snacks, Aniston opts for healthy solutions: fruit, preferably an apple, or almond butter.

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But fear not, a few breaks for the weekend are allowed: in fact Jennifer also allows herself some tastier meals, luckily. Pasta and Mexican food are two musts for the actress, to whom she willingly gives in if in moderation. It seems, for example, that she has recently reintroduced pasta into her diet and seems to be greedy - as well as tacos and other typical Mexican dishes - of a particular version of carbonara, a lighter variant of the traditional one, which includes the replacement of bacon with turkey.

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Jennifer Aniston: a perfect body thanks to diet and sport

In addition to the right foods and a balanced diet, which is mainly based on an important consumption of vegetables and proteins and an almost total absence of carbohydrates, we must not forget that Jennifer Aniston loves to practice a lot of sport, a habit that guarantees the star slim and toned thighs. , flat stomach and firm B-side, in short, a screaming silhouette, despite her age by now not very young; in fact, the actress dedicates herself to a constant training program that sees her busy five days a week. Jogging and yoga are his favorite disciplines, and apparently, they represent a good mix, considering the result! Of course, we are not divas with great free time available, but certainly some advice to what is considered the most beautiful woman in the world, maybe, we could even steal it, right?