7 things you can do after a breakup that will make you feel better

When a love ends you tend to always remember only the positive sides of your relationship and often you find yourself at home, alone, ready for an exhausting TV series marathon that has the sole purpose of passing the time.
It goes without saying that on days like these, having allies is absolutely essential.

  1. · 1. Play the ukulele
  2. · 2. Go out and find yourself
  3. · 3. Love yourself before others do
  4. · 4. Sign up for a class at the gym
  5. · 5. Write, read and paint
  6. 6. Cooking (even if you are not very good)
  7. · 7. Master the art of DIY

Are you going through a breakup and looking for a way to get back together? Here are some ideas for you!

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1. Play the ukulele

The biggest piece of advice you can give yourself after a break-up is "capitalize on the pain". Find a way out and do it by loving yourself as much as possible.
One of the many ways you can do this is to get on a guitar, or better yet, a ukulele, if you are new to music, and look for some tutorials on Youtube. Play, sing and laugh. Life has the same perspective as the position you look at: look at her smiling and she will smile at you.

2. Go out and find yourself

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In a relationship we mix so much that we no longer understand who we are and who the other is and, when we are deprived of our sweetheart, we struggle to see our contours again, especially if we are used to always doing everything together.
Organize a trip out of town alone, take a train, walk in the mountains, try to be alone with yourself in order to understand where you can go.
You can everything, you just have to remember!

3. Love yourself before others do

It is impossible to be with someone if you have not first learned to be comfortable with yourself. Stop and think and stop and think about all the battles you have won.
In the first few days, spending an entire afternoon without talking about him is to be considered an achievement!

4. Sign up for a class at the gym

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At first you will feel destroyed and your body will make you realize that it is destroyed too, but to get back on track you could start that course in the gym, the one you have always postponed for lack of time.
If there's something that fascinates you, whether it's martial arts or pole dance, it's time to pack your bag!

5. Write, read and paint

Find a way to give vent to your creative streak! Your works of art may not be particularly convincing, but the most important thing is that they make you feel good!

6. Cooking (even if you're not very good)

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Unless you run the risk of setting the kitchen on fire as soon as you set foot near the stove, make a cake to take to work, some muffins to give to your best friend, or ease your mom's fatigue over Sunday lunch.
It is not said that you do not discover a talent that has been dormant for years ...

7. Master the art of DIY

In America, DIY, Do It Yourself, or "made by you", is becoming increasingly popular. Why buy embroidered T-shirts when you can embroider them yourself and spend much much less than when they would not cost in the store?
Fork needle and thread and embellish everything around you!

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