What really happens to us if we stop eating sugars?

We are bombarded with information regarding the malaise that a high-sugar diet causes, especially when those are refined sugars. Yet today it is also well known how important it is NOT to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet, as they provide essential energy to the metabolism. So, what would happen if we eliminated all the bad sugars from our diet (starting with those 4/5 teaspoons a day that we invest in our coffees)? Before you find out, watch the video, it will motivate you to follow the "right path":

1. We recover the physical form

The low-calorie diet is not by chance one of the most popular diets. This is because the more sugary foods you ingest, the more you would like to ingest. The consequence, which we have all experienced at least once in our life when we start with a biscuit and suddenly we finished the package without realizing it, is obviously easy to say: certainly the weight is not maintained. Excess sugars are converted. from the liver into fat, aka excess pounds. By eliminating excess sugars, the body will undoubtedly have a positive evolution in terms of shape and health.

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2. We have more energy available

It is not news that too much sugar can also lead to physical fatigue, a real weakness and a feeling of weakness that we must then remedy. Who does not happen to have moments of drowsiness during the day? These are mainly due to the peak glycemic due to the consumption of sugar since the excess insulin produced by sugar could damage the pancreas and tire the body.

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3. But also a healthier heart (and not only)

Yes, too much sugar is bad for the heart, and more. If it is now scientifically confirmed that sugar has a direct effect on risk factors for heart and cardiovascular diseases, there are other diseases related to sugar abuse such as: the development of obesity and metabolic syndrome, migraines, abdominal tension, irritable colon or candidiasis and candidiasis.

4. We "recover" fertility

Food and nutrition affect various aspects of our life and, in this specific case, our health. Apparently sugar would be a disruptor of fertility. In fact, if ingesting a lot of sugars causes the release of insulin, the latter, overproduced, it can generate resistance in the ovaries and be one of the causes of polycystic ovary.

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5. Less sugars = brighter skin

Last but not least, the skin! This part of our body also suffers from a sugary diet. In addition to the pimples factor, it is scientifically proven that the more sugar we ingest, the more our skin ages prematurely due to the glycation process that damages epidermal cells: in a few words, more wrinkles and dull skin. Not only that: the abuse of sugar interferes with the formation of the precious collagen, which helps the tissues to remain elastic.
What are you waiting for? Detoxify yourself immediately from sugars, always without giving up carbohydrates and following a healthy Mediterranean diet. We advise you to start like this:

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