How to use a vibrator and how to choose the right one

If you are wondering how to use a vibrator to experience maximum pleasure, you are in the right place. But to use it in the best way you need to know its little secrets and all its potential. For example, it is necessary to know that there are many types of vibrators, with different shapes and objectives, designed to satisfy the most varied sexual needs and fantasies. There are vibrators for women, as well as for men; but there are also vibrators perfect to entertain the couple and create new forms of harmony between the sheets. In short, the vibrator is one of the best allies for perfect masturbation, alone or in company. The goal, however, is to enjoy all the benefits of a good self-erotic session, which we remind you here:

How to use a vibrator correctly

To use a vibrator in the best way, we must first experience its presence as something exciting and stimulating. In the event that there were conflicting thoughts regarding the use of this object of pleasure, the result may be less satisfactory than it can potentially be. Approaching a vibrator with serenity and curiosity is the first important step in using it to the fullest. second, very important is hygiene: never use a vibrator that is not thoroughly cleaned, especially considering that we will put it in contact with our most intimate and delicate areas. Be sure to use mild and suitable detergents to avoid compromising their functionality. Last but not least, when using a vibrator, lubrication is very important, which favors the access of the vibrator to the inside of the vagina or in any case guarantees stimulation without "swallowing". If the natural lubrication of the vagina is not enough, you can help yourself by choosing the lubricating gel that is best for you.

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How to use a vibrator alone to experience maximum pleasure!

To experience the maximum pleasure through a vibrator, we refer to the first "rule" described in the previous paragraph: we must be relaxed and curious, let our imagination find space between the vibrations, both alone and in pairs. It is necessary to uninhibit fears or perplexities, and to let oneself go to pleasure. To see if you are ready, try this test:

That said, to use a vibrator with the aim of reaching orgasm, we can play with the intensity of the vibrations. Many vibrators have intensity regulators placed on the side or at their base, thanks to which we can modulate the vibration to our own. pleasure, both in terms of speed and in terms of movement. Start with a slower and softer vibration, approaching the vibrator to the clitoris, so as to give way to arousal. Let the natural lubrication help stimulation and support the use of the vibrator. Gradually increase the intensity of the vibration, until you reach the level you like best, and move the vibrator according to your desire. Surrender your mind and body to excitement and your well-being!

Clitoral stimulator and vaginal stimulator

There are various types of vibrator for women, depending on whether it is intended for vaginal or G-spot stimulation, or for clitoral stimulation. Let's start with the realistic vibrator, which fully simulates the shape of a penis, of different sizes; then we have the most classic vibrator, inspired by the design and with bright colors, which takes up the phallic shape and stylizes it; the rabbit vibrator, consisting of a part intended for the vagina and one for the clitoris. But we also have the so-called "clitoral sucker", a vibrator designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. These types of vibrators for women are designed to satisfy every form of pleasure, but it is not certain that one excludes the other. Of course, the vibrators with a phallic shape are designed for penetration, but this does not prevent us from using them also to caress the clitoris. ; the rabbit satisfies both needs, revealing itself to be a more "complete" vibrator. The clitoris sucker, on the other hand, is intended only for the female pleasure organ par excellence, guaranteeing an "excellent chance of reaching orgasm!"

And as a couple? This is how the vibrator is used

Vibrators for couples, as well as sex toys for two in general, are an important element to give space to fantasies and desires, but also more technically to facilitate the female orgasm. Let's think, for example, of the vibrating ring for the penis: in addition to representing a moment of shared fun, it helps the woman to stimulate the clitoris more substantially during penetration. To support clitoral stimulation in pairs even in positions where the vibrating ring has no application, such as in the doggie position, we can use small comfortable and manageable vibrators, giving them in "custody" to our partner, as well as a clitoral sucker or a classic vibrator with which to caress the clitoris. For more fun games, there are vibrators with remote control, which are inserted into the vagina or in any case in the underwear, but can be managed remotely by the partner precisely with the remote control or, alternatively, with a " app. Thus even long-distance relationships can enjoy a moment of shared pleasure!

How to choose a vibrator and not be wrong

When choosing a vibrator we must pay attention to some factors, specifically:

  • the materials: avoid poor quality materials, not certified or that contain phthalates, chemical components present in plastic (PVC) that can cause damage to health;
  • the quality of the engine: also in this case, avoid purchasing poor quality products that risk breaking or being damaged in a short time;
  • the origin: look for products with European certification (CE), which follow more precise regulations, unlike those of Asian or American countries.

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