How to choose the right bra that enhances the breasts

Hidden or on display, the bra accompanies us every day, on any occasion, in any season of the year. There are many types, but the only certainty we have is that it must be comfortable and comfortable, to avoid turn into our worst enemy. So how do you choose the right bra and not find underwire stuck in your ribs, braces that cut your shoulders and cups that turn out to be too big and empty? By learning to read the vocabulary, or by studying the meaning of the sizes and letters of the cups. Or we can stop only at what reveals about our personality the way we put it


How to choose cup and bra size

In Italy, bra sizes range from the first (smallest breasts) to the tenth (really large breasts). Next to this figure, a letter is often found, which corresponds to the actual size of the cup. In principle, with the size we indicate the width of the underbust band, while with the cup we refer to the size of the actual breast. As we said, in Italy the bra sizes vary from 1st to 10th, which are relatively the smallest size and the largest size. For the cups, however, we can rule as follows:

  • the measurements with cup A (small breasts) correspond to a bra size which as regards the underbust is identical to the B, while the cup is the same as that of the lower measurement (for example a third A corresponds exactly to the measurement that is normally provided as third as regards the underbust band, while the cup is as large as that of the second size with cup B);

  • the measures characterized by cup B correspond to an average breast, representing "normality" for that measure (for example a third B corresponds exactly to the measure that is normally given as a third, both as regards the underbust band and as regards the cup);

  • the measurements with cup C (large breasts) correspond to a bra size that as regards the underbust is identical to the B, while the cup is the same as that of the upper measurement (for example a third C corresponds exactly to the measurement that is normally provided as third as regards the underbust band, while the cup is as large as that of the fourth size with cup B);

  • cup D will correspond to that of two higher sizes and so on.

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How to choose the right bra: the types

To choose the perfect bra you have to start from the size, of course, as well as to choose the briefs and clothing of any kind, but that's not enough. It is also necessary to know how to orientate between the various models. So let's make an overview of the bras available on the market with their pros and cons:

Among the top finishers we have the underwire bra that ensures comfort and support for almost all types of breasts. The most classic of bras, which, however, not all find comfortable and which, fortunately, has found many valid rivals.

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The wireless bra is more comfortable. It adapts to all types of breasts, even the most florid, thanks to its wide straps. It has the advantage of not having the underwire pressure under the breast, but if you have a more elongated shape or prefer to feel more "compact", you will probably find it more uncomfortable than the one with the underwire.

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The balconette, very low-cut, has a rounded cut that leaves the upper part of the breast uncovered, while the underwire supports it. It is good for all types of breasts, it lifts the small ones and highlights the big ones. It is very sensual and perfect for plunging necklines that are not V-shaped, unless you want to make it the protagonist of your outfit!

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The sporty top gives optimal breast maintenance for sportspeople. Without underwire, it fits and supports the chest thanks to wide elastic bands under the cups and on the back. The one with padding is also trendy today for those who love more decisive support.

The corset, chic and sexy, is to be worn in the evening to complete a look femme fatale. It is more suitable for sizes from the first to the fourth standard because it is very tight. But if you love it, you will find the alternative even if you have large breasts.

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The half-cup bra largely reveals the upper part of the breast and lifts it thanks to the underwire. Ideal under a plunging neckline, it is good for sizes from first to fifth.

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The triangle, reserved for those with small breasts, is youthful and sexy under a wide t-shirt and on a slender silhouette. If you don't like to highlight the nipple, prefer the one with a small padded cup or a bralette, a sexy and chic alternative to the more classic triangle.

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The band, padded or not, is recommended more for those with small breasts, and is perfect for low-cut dresses that leave the shoulders uncovered. Of course, not having braces to support it, it does not guarantee optimal support for those with very large breasts.

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And if you want to know more, try this test to find out what the bra you choose says about your personality:

If you want a bra that "cheats" a little ...

If you have small breasts and would like a bigger one or, conversely, if you have a very large one and are looking for something comfortable and comfortable, here are some tricks:

  • The push-ups, padded, allows you to highlight small breasts.
  • The balcony it is suitable for all small breasts. It is equipped with a pad that discreetly rounds the chest.
  • The minimizer is reserved for sizes above the fourth. It envelops the breast and supports it without compressing it.

Some tricks to choose the right and comfortable bra

Avoid very elastic materials such as Lycra and elastane: they are comfortable but do not support well. The suspenders must not cut the shoulders. Indeed, if they give you problems, once you have adjusted them, fix them by giving us a point. Underwire should never be a nuisance. If this happens, the bra is probably not of quality.
To do gymnastics, use a special bra: it is less sexy but much more comfortable and above all it guarantees the well-being of the breasts!
Another key detail: find the bra that makes you feel beautiful!

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