How to store your toothbrush daily and disinfect it

Toothbrush? We use it every day, because oral hygiene is important and cleaning the teeth well, but we know how to store it and also how to disinfect it? Bacteria also proliferate in this indispensable daily tool. So how to take care of it in the best possible way? good hygiene and that's it, although some claim that teeth can be cleaned in just 10 seconds:

How to store your toothbrush daily

To begin with, it is very important to store the toothbrush with the bristles facing upwards. The position in which it is stored is important so that the water flows downwards and the bristles can dry out and not remain damp. Then, unless you are traveling, the toothbrush should not be stored with the protective cap. The hood in fact creates humidity and therefore promotes the formation of bacteria. Last but not least, always remember not to mix your toothbrush with that of others in the family. The contact between the bristles would favor the transmission of any germs.

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How to disinfect the toothbrush

There are several ways to keep your toothbrush well disinfected. After each use it is necessary to rinse it carefully. In addition to this, to wash it, there is the option of soaking in vinegar, which may not convince everyone. A good alternative could be soaking overnight in baking soda with a drop of lemon and lukewarm water (at least once a week). Obviously in both cases it is absolutely necessary to rinse thoroughly with running water before using the toothbrush. . Another option is to buy special products for cleaning the toothbrush at the pharmacy, which however are not the classic mouthwash for oral hygiene. Finally, an option provides a cool night: a night in the freezer, with the premise that the toothbrush is dry before being frozen. However, remember that you need to change your toothbrush at least once every 3 months, without exception!

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