The Horoscope of October 2018: favorite the Scorpions!

Aries: transition period ...

Dear Aries, do you know what are generally referred to as "transition periods"? Those in which it seems that apparently nothing in particular is happening, but which in reality serve to rediscover one's personal balance, in preparation for many novelties? Here, the month of October will be exactly this for you! Until day 9, unfortunately, you will have to endure the opposition of Mercury, which will cause slowdowns and difficulties, especially on the labor front. However, starting from the second decade of the month the situation will be more serene. Mars acts in your favor, giving you all the energy you need to face any difficulty.

Taurus: bad news ...

Dear Taurus, I have no good news, unfortunately, for your sign. October will really be a tough obstacle to overcome, on every front, but you - who are stubborn and know what you want - will come out stronger and more determined than ever! It will just be a matter of having a little patience and not giving up. Venus will remain in opposition throughout the month, causing even the most solid relationships to wobble. Starting from day 9, then, the opposition of Mercury will also be added, and misunderstandings or communication problems on the working front may occur, finally accentuated by the opposition of Jupiter. Unfavorable Mars will make you feel tired and out of sorts ... You will see, it will pass soon!

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Gemini: so many opportunities!

Dear Gemini, October will be a favorable month for your sign, in which new opportunities can arise. The important thing is that you know how to catch them immediately when they appear, without delaying too much! Above all, it will be the first part of the month that will give you great satisfaction, thanks to the favorable aspect of Mercury. Encounters are favored, both on the business front and on the sentimental one. Singles could form friendships destined to soon become something more ... Favorable Mars gives you a dazzling physical shape, a lot of energy and an extra gear to carry on your projects, whatever they are ... do not wait! Meanwhile, here are the three best adjectives to describe your sign:

Cancer: a positive month!

Dear Cancer, the month of October looks very positive for your sign! Of course, it does not start in the best way: until day 9 you will have to bear the disfavor of Mercury, which will create complications on the business or family front. Don't worry, though: already from day 10 the situation will improve and towards the end of the month really interesting opportunities could arise or some unexpected good news might arrive! On the sentimental front, however, you will have nothing to fear: Venus will remain favorable to your sign throughout October! Newly born relationships will have the opportunity to strengthen, while old ones will find new ways to rekindle the passion ...

Leo: what a stress ...

Dear Leo, already the month of September for your sign was - let's face it - rather stressful, and unfortunately there will be fatigue and stress also in this month of October! The opposition of Mars will make you feel more tired than usual and with little energy, which would serve you instead to face the obstacles that you will face on the working front starting from day 9, when Mercury will also turn its back on you. Venus itself, unfortunately, will be unfavorable to your sign throughout the month, creating tensions with your partner and provoking heated arguments. Take a deep breath and use the first ten days of October to fix all unfinished business.

Virgo: serenity and passion!

Dear Virgin, autumn will give your sign so much serenity. Finally, you will say! And in fact you deserved it: Venus rewards you with a slap-up love story, whether it's a new entry or a flashback. Couples who have been together for a long time will rediscover the pleasure of mutual company and certainly will not lack passion! Good news and satisfactions will also arrive on the business front, especially starting from day 9, when Mercury will begin to favor you in public relations. Remember that you also have the unconditional support of Jupiter, ready to give you long-term success, whatever project you undertake.

Libra: an extra gear!

Dear Libra, the month of October begins for your sign with an edge! Mercury, in conjunction until day 9, is ready to favor you in the workplace, giving you the contacts and opportunities you need. Take advantage of the first part of the month if you are planning to embark on a new project, change your job or make any type of request! Mars will act in your support, making you feel strong and full of grit, also giving you health and beauty. On the sentimental front, unfortunately, October will be a slightly warm month, in which the heartbeat will disappear ... Of course, there will be no quarrels and tensions, but not even the unforgettable emotions you were waiting for!

Scorpio: the favorite of the stars!

Dear Scorpio, this month you will be the favorite of all the stars! Get ready for an October full of excitement and news, one better than the other. Starting from day 9 you will have Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in conjunction in your sign: all planets ready to facilitate you in every area of ​​existence, from work to love! From a professional point of view, in fact, you will be able to reach all the goals you set yourself, and maybe even a little more, an unexpected bonus (you will have to wait, however, the second half of the month)! Even your love life will experience a turning point, completely favorable: whether it is a meeting desired by fate or an important decision to be taken by two, you will find yourself with your heart beating a thousand!

Sagittarius: time for reflection ...

Dear Sagittarius, the month of October for your sign won't be particularly unforgettable, but not that bad either! The planets prompt you to reflect on what your goals and desires are, both on the private and professional fronts - and they leave you the space and tranquility to do so, without any particular upheaval. Mars will act in your favor by giving you all the energy you need to clarify within you. Mercury will also be on your side until day 9, giving you significant encounters and opportunities. On the sentimental front you will experience a period of stasis, waiting for a November that promises to be really hot ...

Capricorn: what a recovery!

Dear Capricorn, the month of October will be a month of great recovery for your sign, which will finally be able to obtain all the recognition it deserves. You will need to have a little patience, especially on the professional front, until day 9, when Mercury stops being unfavorable to you and will help you realize all your projects, making sure that your qualities can emerge. Venus, for its part, will be favorable for the whole month: you will experience a period of great sentimental serenity, strengthening the relationship with your partner and being able to find in him the comfort you are looking for and all the help and understanding you may need.

Aquarius: luckily there is Mars ...

Dear Aquarius, October is not going to be an easy month for your sign. Unfortunately you will find yourself having to face a Venus and a Mercury in an unfavorable position. The first could create difficulties on the working front starting from day 9: be careful of the people you surround yourself with, you could attract envy! Venus, on the other hand, will put you in trouble on the sentimental front throughout the month, bringing to light all the problems of your current relationship and asking you to seriously question it. Luckily you will have Mars in conjunction: this planet will help you react to difficulties in the best way, giving you all the strength you need.

Pisces: love and opportunity!

Dear Pisces, how beautiful this month of October, full of emotions and opportunities! The planets will all be on your side, ready to favor you in every area of ​​your life. In fact, you can count on a splendid Venus who will give you love and passion for the whole month, also favoring new encounters for singles! Starting from day 9, Mercury will also act in your favor: you may receive an unexpected offer or some new opportunity may arrive that you didn't even think about. In all this, Mars promotes physical fitness: for those of you who have had problems from this point of view, it will now be easier to regain health and energy.

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