Hair loss: 5 tips you never imagined to make them stronger!

Cross and delight of every woman, hair needs constant care to always be strong and shiny, especially in periods, such as the changes of season, when it is easy to weaken and fall out more than usual. Worries arise above all when we see them dead, without a body and their fall appears greater than what usually should happen. There are many ways to intervene, from the more traditional to the natural and do-it-yourself ones that can be just as effective and less dispensable. No magic dust or false myths; only natural ingredients with proven beneficial properties.
Here is a video to create a hair loss pack at home.

1. Make hair stronger with aloe vera: an all-rounder for beauty!

A natural ingredient useful for strengthening hair is aloe vera, widely used in beauty, which can be extracted directly from the leaves of the plant and used as a pack to be applied for at least half an hour, before washing.
It is also believed that taking a teaspoon a day of aloe juice on an empty stomach can promote better hair growth.

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2. Stop hair loss with Amla

Powdered extract derived from a plant of Indian origin which takes the name of Phyllanthus emblica, Amla is used for the preparation of masks to be applied on the hair not only to strengthen it, but also to prevent its loss. You can find it online or in herbal medicine .

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3. Stronger and more resistant hair with avocado

Here is another fruit with a thousand properties that can be used as an ingredient for the preparation of an effective strengthening and anti-hair loss mask. Like? It's very simple: blend the pulp of a ripe avocado and apply it on damp hair for at least half an hour, then rinse thoroughly and proceed with the normal shampoo.

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4. Against hair loss a nice massage with coconut oil

Regularly massaging the scalp with coconut oil strengthens the hair and prevents it from falling out. During the winter months, coconut oil comes in solid form, but simply soak it in hot water to make it liquid again, so it can become liquid again. apply easily with the help of your fingers. This too should be left on for at least half an hour and then rinsed off carefully.

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5. Reactivate the scalp with ginger

A real miraculous spice given its usefulness in case of numerous health problems, ginger is not only used in cooking, but also in hair care. In particular, it is excellent for preparing a treatment that stimulates growth and reactivates the circulation of the scalp.

To prepare it, you will need 1 tablespoon of finely grated fresh ginger and 1 tablespoon of sesame oil or jojoba oil. Powder and ginger must be mixed in a cup with the help of a teaspoon. Its application takes place before shampooing. Massage it gently and leave on for at least 30 minutes. For a treatment strong leave it on overnight.

In the morning your hair will be silky soft, strengthened and shiny!

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To maximize the effects of these treatments, you can also use hair supplements to be taken for at least three months or topical restructuring and strengthening products. Without forgetting the foods that are good for hair that you can discover in this gallery!

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