Happy Birthday Mickey! Here are the products to celebrate the most beloved Disney character

Icon number 1 and protagonist of the most classic Disney comics and cartoons, Mickey Mouse has accompanied our entire childhood and for some even adult life ... it is impossible to find a person who is not fond of him!

Well, Mickey will turn 90 in November! A "great excuse to surrender to 90s fashion" and have fun with nostalgic looks with a childhood scent. We have seen that in recent years many clothing brands have created collections inspired by Disney characters and the revisited trends of the 90s.

Today wearing the "mom's" pants and the large and comfortable "daddy" t-shirt with motifs related to our beloved Mickey Mouse means being in step with the latest fashion trends! You can try pairing a t-shirt or sweatshirt dedicated to the protagonist of the Disney comics with a smart blazer, denim pants and heavy military-style boots.

We have specially selected for this date all the Mickey Mouse-style products sold on Amazon that we liked the most. There is something for everyone, but these really drove us crazy!

Here you will find more more products dedicated to Mickey Mouse

Moleskine Mickey Mouse notebook

The world famous Moleskine brand is known for its distinctive design, premium quality and its collaborations with great icons of cinema and design. This notebook dedicated to Mickey Mouse is a limited edition from 2015, almost collectible. And we found it on Amazon with a 17% discount! Super deal!

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Vans x Disney Mickey Mouse shoes

Another brand well known for its collaborations is Vans. These fabric sneakers really are cool: they have a minimal and clean design with a detail that is also minimal but so iconic that it is already enough to immediately recognize Mickey Mouse!

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Beauty Mickey Mouse

This classic beauty gains a new style thanks to the imagination of different Mickey Mice! Its dimensions (12 x 19 x 6 cm) are perfect for a short travel beauty case. It is also suitable for the aircraft cabin and has two zippers to organize your products.

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Mickey Mouse Withmoons cap

A traditional baseball cap with a beautiful and delicate vintage style Mickey Mouse embroidery. The colors are modern and the model remains classic, to create the right balance between style and tradition. We love it!

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Disney Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt

A quality sweatshirt with a Mickey Mouse design is almost becoming a must-have for any wardrobe. We found this cotton model with a very classic and excellent quality design from the official Disney brand. If you don't like the dark gray tone of the photo, you can also choose between the white and light gray version.

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Mom Jeans with Mickey Mouse DaBag embroidery

This is no longer a novelty: the 90s are back in fashion and mom jeans are the new must-have model of the season. If you want to dare a little more and explore this vintage trend further, we recommend this cute jeans with Mickey Mouse motif embroidery that combines all that is most stylish right now!

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Commemorative book 90 years Mickey Mouse

Are you a super fan of classic Disney designs and like to remember all your favorite stories? This Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary book is made for you! It can also be a great gift idea.

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Mickey Mouse Loungefly patterned bag

This nylon pouch is a great gift idea for a Mickey Mouse fan friend. Its dimensions (20.3 x 1.3 x 11.4 cm) make it ideal for use as a beauty case to take to work, or to take make-up and small toiletries and beauty products with you for short trips.

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