The whole truth, to know who Aquarius really are

The person born under the sign of Aquarius is an intuitive who dares to conceive and reveal what others are unable to perceive. He believes in the scientific and moral progress of humanity. It is said that, at times, he is utopian and idealistic, but he knows he is authentic and aware, lucid in the face of the ineluctable growth of the universe. He is resolute and consistent, and it is easy to find inventors of Aquarius natives, just think of people like Galileo, Edison or Darwin.

Everything new, futuristic and ingenious belongs to this sign. Intelligent and full of imagination, Aquarius wants to accomplish something that will change the fortunes of the universe and improve the world! Nonconformist and original, he does not follow trends and prefers to anticipate them, launch them and work his way up on his own. But behind the nerdy air hides a sociable and kind nature, it is harmless, most of the things he has in mind remain there. The dream in the drawer? To receive the Nobel, of course!

But what are the main characteristics of each sign? Look here...

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Here is the identikit of the perfect aquarium: characteristics, merits and information on the temperament and personality typical of those born under the sign of the aquarius ...

The character of the Aquarius

Aquarius is animated by a "universal" curiosity and is attracted by novelty. Recent discoveries fascinate him, he is interested in everything, as long as it is something original.
His assimilating powers and analytical mind can make him an inventor whose inventions are not always realistic.
He loves debates but hates useless discussions and relationships. Characterized by a rather immature critical sense, he is sociable despite his intransigence and his lack of spontaneity.
His temperament pushes him to approach strong personalities with whom he can "give vent to his oratory and intellectual skills. Aquarius is a conservative rebel who dreams of a better world all his life."
This nonconformist uncomplicatedly upsets the rules to establish more suited to his temperament. He is full of ideas and imagination and is ready to move seas and mountains to carry out his projects, even idealistic ones. On the other hand, everything can be improved for him!
The love life is not his main concern because it is neither emotional nor very sensual, since intellectual activity dominates in him, but he is an honest and faithful partner.

The zodiacal profile of Aquarius

Element: air
Opposite and complementary sign: Lion
Sign: male
Metals: uranium, chromium
Planet: Uranium
Scent: vetiver
Color: Viola
Parts of the body: legs, circulatory system
His Space / Time: January February
Age of life: old age in its fullness
His motto: I love

Love and sex

Love and sex ... but above all friendship and freedom! The Aquarius loves to establish an almost fraternal relationship. Even if under the sheets he might surprise you with some eccentric habits. In reality he is satisfied with little but in the meantime the most incredible thoughts are whirling in his head: he sees people with idealistic eyes following unfinished relationships , passionate emails, endless telephone conversations. In the name of his freedom he is able to overturn everything from one day to the next. Get back with the ex, put him back and run away with another person!

The profession

The innovative impulse and the great manual and mental skills lead them to become scientists, computer scientists, doctors, anthropologists, inventors, aviators, photographers, musicians.

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The Aquarius woman

She is an unpredictable, brilliant or maddening woman, you cannot be insensitive to her charm. Her reactions always surprise, because she is, even more than a man, in constant contradiction between what she says and what she does.

  • What is it made for?
    The Aquarius woman is a paradox, she is full of delicacy and inconsistency. He loves teamwork, group travel, associating with others to carry out projects and research. Acute psychologist, she will do very well in professions that require a certain investigative capacity and the ability to know how to listen. She constantly cares about others, but not about herself. Free and full of imagination, she manages to reinvent herself with surprising ease, because she gets bored easily if her business is monotonous. He can be an excellent trader or commercial, as long as he firmly believes in the products he sells.

  • How does he love?
    He says he doesn't understand anything about love, and it's true. She cannot see the other as they really are, but only as she would like them to be, she is idealistic and is content with little. He does not want for any reason to invade the sacrosanct freedom of the other, and in the same way he will not accept that he invades his own. He loves unfinished relationships, passionate letters, endless phone conversations. She is an amazing woman, who preaches bachelorette parties between marriages, who divorces, and then returns with her ex after a few months. He knows well that one day or another, he will mess up his orderly existence and will end up becoming, with great pleasure, a slightly strange old woman. Children love her eccentricity and extravagance.

The Aquarius man

He is thin, quick, spreads an aura of goodness around him. There is neither malice, nor aggression in his gestures, he simply passes by looking elsewhere, towards other horizons, other encounters; with an agile step and light clothing, he is a man of space, of openness. He can be an excellent storyteller, after all he is a born inventor.

  • What is it made for?
    He loves everything new, original, avant-garde, for him everything is a source of amazement. The fields he prefers are science, biology, psychology, information technology, medicine. Among the Aquarius we find men of great imagination, writers such as Jules Verne and Georges Simenon. It is in this sign that we find the greatest number of geniuses: Mozart, Manet, Prévert. Those born of the sign, the Aquarius normal, they are full of cunning and skill, of ingenious ideas, and should, therefore, prefer independent jobs to always act in their own way: they need independence and freedom too much. They are often peerless artisans, artists, photographers or journalists.

  • How does he love?
    Everything gets complicated as soon as you talk about love with him. What he loves most is his freedom and he just can't understand why he should give it up for another person. It is not uncommon to see him run away as soon as he is told about marriage or engagement. As a young man, he will woo beautiful and inaccessible women, femmes fatales or busy women, which will allow him to move with ease from one to the other, unless he falls in love with a beautiful creature that makes him suffer ... The best thing is to opt for a free relationship, a special friendship with a professionally fulfilled woman; loves children and will always be careful to show them the exciting and unprecedented side of life. Loyalty? What is that….?

The symbolic image of Aquarius

Aquarius reminds us of the myth of the universal flood, present in many traditions, with its hero Noah, who gathered in his ark wealth, animals and men. After the seventh day and the flood, there was nothing left of humanity but mud, from which God forged a new and regenerated man. This is the parable that symbolizes the passage of man from the self-centered perception of personality (Leo) to wisdom extended to the whole (Aquarius).

The stars born under the sign of Aquarius

Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ...

The astrocouncil

Try to be less calculating and let yourself go to the flow of events!

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