9 fun mugs to start the day in a good mood!

To make you wake up more smiling every day and stay in a good mood throughout the day, there is nothing better than a nice coffee, served in a fun mug! Thematic mugs are also an excellent gift idea or a surprise element. very nice if you want to serve a breakfast in bed for someone special.

Check out our list of the 9 funniest themed mugs sold on Amazon!

Ninja mug

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Lovers of Asian art will not be able to live without this mug! This ceramic model from the Thumbs Up brand is ideal as a gift to your friend who is passionate about oriental culture. It has a capacity of 300ml and the package includes a mug, a sword-spoon, a ninja star under cup and an anti-burn thermal mask. Breakfast has never been so fun!

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The captain's cup

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This enamel mug with the phrase "Captain" s mug "is perfect for any person who has - or thinks they have - a role of authority and has a great sense of humor! It is also a great gift idea for your parents!

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Smile thermo mug

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With 330ml capacity, this thermo mug changes color and design when it comes in contact with hot water.It's ideal for coffee freaks who can't survive without hot coffee! Attention, however: this product is not suitable for the dishwasher: washing with hot water can ruin the thermal effect of the cup.

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For cat lovers

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This matte finish ceramic mug is a cute option for cat lovers. The best thing about this product is its thermal effect: the ears and cheeks turn pink in contact with the heat.

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Unicorn mug

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This mug is one of our favorites: its design and colors are beautiful and its round shape gives it even more tenderness. Great gift idea for children or for your friend who loves cute things.

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Flamingo mug for tropical girls

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Are you a lover of anything that has to do with palm trees and tropical drinks? Then this Sass & Bell flamingo mug is perfect for you! And you will surely never lose sight of it in the office.

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Bat design mug

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Are you a lover of bats, Batman, or is Halloween your favorite holiday? Then this matte-tinted ceramic mug with wing-shaped handles is for you! It is also a great gift option for birthdays around Halloween.

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For vintage lovers

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This HwaGui mug is a treat for those girls who love cute things and vintage style! Made of high quality ceramic and with a capacity of 200ml, this model is the perfect size for your daily cappuccino. Also available on Amazon in other decoration styles and colors.

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