6 of the best beauty products for new mothers

Your body suffers tremendously from the changes that occur during pregnancy, mainly during the first trimester, when hormones produce so many changes in your skin and hair.

When you arrive in the middle of pregnancy, however, there is the possibility that you have a vitamin deficiency which consequently decreases the brightness of the skin and the health of the hair.

Regardless of the stage of your expectation, your skin and hair may need that extra help to stay nourished and healthy. We have selected 6 products for you that can help you maintain and regenerate your beauty.

Vichy anti-hair loss energizing shampoo

Your hair can suffer a great deal of loss during and after pregnancy, so it's interesting to use a shampoo that is able to strengthen your roots and scalp skin. Vichy Dercos Regenerating Shampoo is a safe choice for those who need more concrete results. Its formula enriched with vitamins B5 and B6 does not contain parabens and is a success of sales and reviews on Amazon! And the price? Discounted more than 50%!

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Bio Oil against stretch marks and scars

To prevent and mitigate any stretch mark scars formed during pregnancy, Bio Oil dermatological oil against stretch marks and scars is one of the most recommended products. The unique formulation of Bio Oil is the result of a careful selection of ingredients, including vitamin A , vitamin E and four vegetable oils (chamomile, lavender, rosemary and calendula) that help reduce scars, stretch marks and marks on the skin. Its formula is also able to deeply hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity and collagen production .

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Collistar micellar cleansing water

Micellar water is the best choice of make-up remover for pregnant women who suffer from extreme skin sensitivity. Its delicate formula has a cleansing, toning, moisturizing and detoxifying function. It removes makeup and impurities and is suitable for any type of skin and any area of ​​the face (lips and eyes included). On Amazon, you can buy the 200ml package with a 36% discount!

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Rilastil Stretch Marks Cream

Rilastil anti-stretch mark cream is famous for its moisturizing action and effectiveness in the prevention and reduction of stretch marks. Its formula is enriched with essential amino acids and rice bran oil for an emollient and elasticizing action. On Amazon you can find the 200ml package discounted by 35%

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Food supplement collagen and hyaluronic acid

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To recover the nutrients lost during pregnancy, a natural food supplement can be your best friend: this food supplement based on collagen and hyaluronic acid and enriched with vitamin C and zinc contributes to the recovery of the elasticity of the skin and prevents its premature aging. . The pack contains 90 capsules and can last up to 3 months.

* Warning: it is very important to ask a doctor which dietary supplement is best suited to your needs. You must always ask your doctor's opinion before purchasing and consuming a dietary supplement.

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Medala Nipple Cream

Mothers are perfectly familiar with all the challenges of the first days of breastfeeding. Having sore and swollen nipples during your baby's first few months is extremely common, and a nipple-specific soothing cream can be your best friend. Medela PureLan Cream is ideal for pain relief: made with pure, natural lanolin with no preservatives and no additives, Medela Cream has a powerful moisturizing and regenerating action that cares and protects the skin of the nipples during breastfeeding. Its formula it is also edible and therefore the cream can also be used shortly before breastfeeding.

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