Virgo ascendant: personality and main characteristics

If the Horoscope tries to reveal our fate in terms of love, health and work, astrology tries to outline the personality of each individual, with the most important characteristics of his character, strengths, defects, interests and affinities in relationships. All their studies are based on the influence of the stars and zodiac signs, in particular on the combination in the birth chart of the sign in the position of the Sun - the main one - and the ascendant, or that zodiac sign that was rising, at the exact moment of birth.

Before discovering everything about a particular ascendant, that of Virgo, let's briefly review the specific characteristics of each zodiac sign:

Virgo as a zodiac sign

All those born between August 24th and September 22nd are of the sign of Virgo. Along with Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo is part of the zodiac signs of Earth and is directly influenced by Mercury, the planet symbol of intellect and pure reasoning. The natives of this sign are very shy and reserved. it differs greatly from their Zodiac antecedents, the Lions.

Despite this, behind the Virgin's shyness hides a great intelligence and a profound analytical soul. Organized and methodical, this sign is a careful and meticulous worker. He always tends to take control of a certain situation, never leaving anything to chance.

His critical spirit does not prevent him, however, from being an excellent friend because he loves to observe those around him and do everything to try to help someone in difficulty. A Virgo is certainly selfless and has a rare ability to listen.

Sometimes, however, her rigor and precision in the organization leads her to be almost obsessed with perfection and attention to detail, resulting in excessively meticulous. In addition, it can frequently tend to melancholy and victimhood.

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All the characteristics of the Virgo ascendant

Many of the merits and defects of Virgo as a sign in the position of the Sun, that is the main position of the birth chart, remain even when it is found as an ascendant. First of all, a Virgo ascendant always reveals his spirit of observation, which it thus makes it possible to perceive what is happening in any situation. In addition, he stands out for his intelligence, logical and analytical skills and organizational skills. The proverbial meticulousness and discipline that ensure that he never abandon a job or a project before completing it remain.

In relationships with others there is still a certain reserve and shyness. He needs to gain confidence and confidence before fully opening up, but once he does, he proves to be a loyal and selfless person to have around, ready to help in times of trouble. He particularly cares about the care of his body, both from a health and aesthetic point of view. It is no coincidence that he tries to put it in value for every occasion.

However, even a Virgo ascendant risks the sin of excessive perfectionism and hypercriticism towards others and himself. These two characteristics can lead him to be pedantic and moralistic in the eyes of those around him. In addition, it reveals a certain tendency towards victimization and complaints.

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The Virgo ascendant in love

Like her Earth "brothers", Taurus and Capricorn, also Virgo, even as an ascendant, shows a double aspect when it comes to relationships. Indeed, while on the one hand she is prone to lasting and stable bonds. , on the other hand, struggles to let go of instinct and emotions, often remaining anchored to logic and reasoning. For this reason, to win the heart of a Virgo ascendant you need patience and dedication, since the native will have to trust before leaving. to go.

When she falls in love, however, you have a partner you can always count on and who will do everything to make your partner happy. In the life of a couple, occasional problems caused by the mania for perfection typical of Virgo are not excluded, but nothing that cannot be resolved.

Normally, this ascendant agrees with those who have a sign of Water in their birth chart, especially Cancer and Scorpio.There are affinities with the other Earth signs and the sexual understanding is skyrocketing with Gemini. More complicated is the situation with the Fire signs and the others of Air, which can be too impulsive and instinctive for this native, especially Aries. , Leo and Aquarius.

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The influence of the Virgo ascendant on health

Several studies of astrology and of the horoscope have shown how the signs present in one's zodiac chart do not indicate only some aspects relating to personality, qualities, defects and affinities in love. In fact, the combination of the main and ascendant zodiac sign can also affect In the case of the Virgo ascendant, health is essentially good, thanks also to the careful body care that these natives usually take. Furthermore, those who present Virgo in the birth chart are known for their hypochondria.

Also for this reason, episodes of nervous system disorders are not rare. In fact, the continuous use of rationality in all events, the great critical spirit and the desire for perfection in any circumstance can lead to problems of a psychosomatic nature. Often it deals with pathologies at the level of the intestine, which is precisely the weak point of the Virgin.

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The Virgo ascendant in relation to the other zodiac signs

After having seen the most important characteristics of the Virgo ascendant, it is necessary to see how it expresses itself when it is put in relation to the other zodiac signs. In fact, the personality of each one is given precisely by this combination and only in this way can we have a clearer picture. and outlined. So, we have compiled a brief summary of all possible relationships. Look for your sign and find out which aspects are highlighted or attenuated by the great influence of Virgo!

  • Aries: an Aries person with a Virgo ascendant sees a attenuation of the impulsiveness typical of the Fire sign. In fact, the zodiac sign of Earth gives several benefits from a practical and organizational point of view, especially in terms of rigor and method. This native is very determined and knows how to achieve his goals in the best possible way. In love, Virgo brings to Aries more fidelity and propensity for marriage.
  • Taurus: If you are a Virgo ascendant Taurus, your powers of observation and pragmatic mind are certainly known! In fact, you can achieve many results in the scientific field, because you always rigorously analyze any detail and carry out your projects with the typical determination of the Taurus. In your private life you are affectionate and sentimental, but also a little sedentary. The partner will have to accept your character, all characterized by the element of Earth.
  • Gemini: A Virgo ascendant Gemini personality is under the complete influence of Mercury. The inspiration and creativity of Gemini find more concreteness thanks to the meticulousness of Virgo. The ascendant of Earth, in fact, brings rigor and dampens the superficiality and volatility of the sign of Air. In love there is the risk of giving more space to rationality. than to feelings, but there is a greater inclination towards lasting stories.
  • Cancer: Cancer's sensitivity and emotionality mingle with Virgo's pure rationality. Therefore, these natives exhibit both of these aspects and will have to try to keep them in balance. Virgo gives Cancer more practicality, but also accentuates their reserve and shyness. In the life of a couple you are looking for a partner capable of giving stability, affection and who is not lacking in romance.

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  • Leo: a Leo ascendant Virgo person has a reduction in the impulsiveness typical of the Fire sign. In fact, Virgo has a greater capacity for reflection and analysis that can prove to be successful in many situations. In love, the passionate soul often collides and instinctive of Leo and the analytical and calculating mind of Virgo. In any case, a little independence is always sought also within the relationship.
  • Virgo: having the same sign both in the house of the Sun and as an ascendant can increase or dampen some characteristics depending on the case. In general, a Virgo ascendant Virgo stands out for their intelligence, critical spirit and rationality. Sometimes she risks being too introverted and critical of both herself and others. In the life of a couple there is fidelity and loyalty, but it can be lacking a bit of sensuality and ardor.
  • Libra: If you are Libra ascendant Virgo, then your charm never goes unnoticed! In fact, the aesthetic sense and the inspiration of Libra find more concreteness thanks to Virgo. There will be greater decision and constructiveness in achieving the various objectives. However, the ascendant of Earth slightly attenuates the sociability of the sign of Air. In love it will tend to reasoning rather than instinct and emotion prevail.
  • Scorpio: The mysterious and enigmatic air of Scorpio meets the clear mind of the Virgo ascendant. The result is undoubtedly a fascinating personality with a great inner strength that she employs for various purposes in life. However, it can often be difficult to know how to balance and control emotions and feelings, which is why there is a certain susceptibility. This aspect is also found in the life of a couple and will need to be regulated to avoid many discussions.

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  • Sagittarius: Sagittarius' free spirit is partially scaled down by the Virgo ascendant, as is their expansive personality. In fact, there is a shy and reserved component that must be won by the native to be able to let himself go. Furthermore, the sign of Earth gives to that of Fire rigor and reflexivity which, combined with its proverbial courage, can take it far in the career. In love there is a greater propensity for family and marriage.
  • Capricorn: When Capricorn's determination and tenacity meet Virgo's logic and rationality, you have a pragmatic and strong personality, unrivaled at work. However, this continuous realism can play against you in private life because you risk always maintaining a cold and detached attitude: you will have to try to be more spontaneous and emotional.
  • Aquarius: If you are a Virgo ascendant Aquarius, you are certainly famous for your intelligence and versatility. You are attentive and insightful, with an excellent spirit of observation. Earth's ascendant leads you to be more prone to routine, but the Aquarian desire for adventures always remains. In love you remain very independent, so you find it hard to bond with a partner and especially to show him your feelings.
  • Pisces: completely opposite aspects meet in this combination. On the one hand there are the emotionality, spontaneity and creativity of Pisces, on the other the rationality, analysis and pragmatism of Virgo. The native will have to find a balance for these polar opposite characteristics and thus will be able to make the most of them according to the situation. In love we aspire to the romantic tale even if there is not always fidelity.

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