5 things you don't know about pubic hair that you should know

In the "age in which shaving (and very deeply) the pubis is an obvious", we ask you: are you sure it's the best choice for your pubis? Maybe there are things you don't know about your intimate areas, such as what pubic hair is for, when it sprouts, which mammals have this "tool", and what happened to pubic hair a few years ago. Before delving into these details concerning your intimate areas, you can find out how to prepare a do-it-yourself wax, look:

1. Pubic hair protects us

But why in our intimate areas we have this hair that seems so uncomfortable and unsightly? First of all, they are a sort of protective barrier for the most delicate areas of our body. Then they hold in the intimate odors, which are loaded with pheromones, therefore which attract the partner (although you would never say it), and finally they perform an anti-friction function when it comes to sex, to avoid irritation.

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2. Pubic hair is synonymous with puberty

Pubic hair, as well as breasts, comes with the onset of puberty, which is different for each girl. There are 5 stages in which they appear and are known as Tunner stages: hairless vagina, pubic hair on the lips, more hair. rough and thick, increased hair, final definition of the hair (up to the inner thigh).

3. Not all mammals have pubic hair

Hair in mammals replaces the scales of fish and amphibians. The function of hair in the mammalian body is substantially thermo-regulating (this also applies to pubic hair). Did you know that pubic hair isn't for all mammals? Surprise of surprises, of all mammals, only we humans have had this evolution.

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4. In 1800 they had fake pubic hair

To avoid intimate diseases related to the presence of hair (for example, crabs), nineteenth-century women shaved their vagina completely. In this we find them very innovative ... but after doing so they applied a sort of vagina toupee on it. I mean, our Victorian great-grandmothers had pubic wigs!

5. Those who have oral sex shave more

Although it seems obvious today to shave, many women and men avoid hair removal. Wanting to avoid the worry of pain and regrowth, or preferring the bush, there are those who let nature act freely. Who instead prefers hair removal? Apparently those who love oral sex and practice it prefer to dispose of the bush, matter of practicality

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