Best birthday gifts for 2 year olds

Have you been invited to a grandchild's birthday? Or is it your puppy that will soon turn 2 years old?
What a splendid age! Two-year-olds officially enter the age of play. Their (and your) main objective will therefore be to find games and toys that stimulate their sensitivity and growth.

This is why we have searched for the best gift ideas for children who are about to turn 2 for all budgets.
You will see that the birthday boy and his parents will be delighted!

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Play tent

A space dedicated to your child that will add a touch of color and joy to your home. You can put it in any room of the house and move it whenever you want.
All children like to build their own fortress where they can take refuge to play. This tent is very light and entirely in safe and non-toxic material, the support rods are made of rubber, so if it ever falls on the little one, while playing, absolutely nothing will be done!

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Baby puzzle

An easy puzzle suitable for children aged 1 to 4.
In a few large pieces 8 puzzles on sea animals made of thick cardboard. It will develop your baby's ability to focus and recognize shapes, lines, colors and sizes, more and more specifically.

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Rocking toy

A fun way to develop your baby's balance.
Made of wood and soft plush, this rocking chair will not only be the child's favorite toy, it is also an excellent "workout" for balance and agility.
Despite the very low price, this quality rocking chair also has 32 different musical jingles that play while the little one is swinging!

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Chicco tricycle

We all remember the first bike and the first tricycle
This funny model has the face of a funny pelican and the pedals with the shape of its paws. It can be used in 2 modes: Push and Go, with the height-adjustable telescopic handle able to adapt to the height of the parents or by removing the handle, the child can pedal freely. Safety in use is guaranteed by the steering locking system, the possibility of having a free or fixed front wheel and safety belts.
The pelican's beak is a fun secret container in which to store other toys or objects dear to the child.

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Magnetized wooden animals

Little animals drawn on the wood that allow creative play either on a refrigerator door or on a magnetic board.
Encourage children to learn about animals, where they live, what they look like, the noises they make. Children love it and imitating their verses or repeating their names helps them develop language properties.


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