5 little tricks to bring the magic of Christmas into everyday life!

Christmas, as we know, has always been the most magical moment of the year. Those days at the turn of the year that close with the Befana Festival allow us to live in a suggestive and suspended atmosphere, making us savor the little ones joys of life and rediscovering the warmth and time of home and affections. Although in fact, we have stopped believing in Santa Claus for a while, it seems that this period of the year, made up of lights, gifts and suspended time, is able to make everything lighter, fairy-tale and full of emotion. Often, however, the routine and the thousands of daily commitments prevent us from feeling the magical atmosphere in advance with the risk of finding ourselves on the morning of December 25th to unwrap the gifts under the tree. , without even realizing it. Yet there are small tricks that can help us anticipate the magic of Christmas and allow us to fully enjoy every nuance, starting from its smallest manifestations. Below we suggest 5 effective moves to bring the magic of Christmas into everyday life and savor a new and more intense happiness.

1. Decorate the house with some DIY jobs!

Decorating the house according to the Christmas spirit is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to get into the right atmosphere in time. But why not actively participate in this delicious ritual in preparation for the holidays with some small DIY jobs? In this way you will not limit yourself only to extracting everything you need from a box to make your home warmer and more welcoming, but you will bring into play creativity, inventiveness and a bit of dexterity that will allow you to feel even more involved and involved in the climate. of waiting full of magic, typical of this period of the year. Also involve your loved ones in this activity and transform it into a moment of joy and sharing to savor the joys of the atmosphere that precedes the days of the party and make them last even longer!

Below we offer you an easy tutorial to make transparent Christmas balls with a delicate and chic touch to make your home even more magical. It is a real chic and sophisticated gem for those who love a sober and minimal style that is decidedly effective.

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What do we need?
open glass spheres; eucalyptus and pine branches; of the fine thread

How to make it happen?
Cut small eucalyptus and pine twigs from the plants; put them in your glass balls (a twig in a ball). Then use the thread to hang your Christmas balls wherever you like.

You can choose to create a single large ornament, joining several balls, and hang it over a door for example, or hang them individually, on a Christmas tree, on a door handle, on a nail or on the knob of a piece of furniture. In short, free your imagination and create the right magic!

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Here are some other special ideas to decorate your home in the magical period of Christmas!

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© iStock Christmas decorations for the home: all the most beautiful and original ideas!

2. Experiment with new Christmas recipes to enjoy in company

Play early in the kitchen too! Why don't you dedicate yourself to afternoons in the kitchen to experiment with tasty Christmas-themed recipes? Invite your best friends or get help from your children and enjoy together magical and suggestive moments in the warmth of your home, giving vent to a little creativity to savor the typical tastes of the atmosphere of Christmas. After all, this is the ideal period to enjoy the warmth of your home and try your hand at pleasant indoor activities that warm the heart and give us a bit of healthy relaxation in view of the holidays.
Here is a delicious recipe perfect to warm up from the winter cold and savor a little "Christmas" flavor in advance: granola with dehydrated apple.

250 g of oat flakes; 70 g of maple syrup; 50 g of oil; 2 tablespoons of applesauce; 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder; 80 g of hazelnuts; 80 g of dehydrated apple; 30 g of dehydrated banana; 80 g of chocolate

Dehydrate the chosen fruits (apple, banana, plum, etc.), cut them into slices and put them in the oven for 6 hours at 50 ° C.
Heat the maple syrup, the oil and the compote for a few minutes over low heat, meanwhile preheat the oven to 150 ° C.
Mix the oat flakes, chopped hazelnuts and cinnamon in a bowl.
Arrange baking paper on a tray. Pour the granola on top and make sure the mixture is well distributed.
Cook for 35 minutes. While cooking, mix well every 10 minutes. Remove the mixture from the oven when it is golden in color.
Once the mixture has cooled, cut the chocolate into flakes and add some dried fruit.
Finally, serve with vegetable milk or yogurt and get ready to enjoy it!

© Yves Rocher

3. Treat yourself to warm and suggestive beauty pampering with a relaxing and Christmas atmosphere

Let's face it: what's better than a beauty moment all to yourself to recharge from the hectic life and stop time, putting yourself at the center of your world for a while? It is a self-care practice with a thousand benefits that can help us regenerate and experience an intense moment of well-being that we sometimes owe to ourselves. Why not take advantage of the approaching holidays and enrich this special moment with scents and flavors that immediately take us into the warm and reassuring Christmas atmosphere? Yves Rocher has thought of two beauty boxes that perfectly interpret the meaning of Christmas through two different spirits: the Golden Tea box, delicate and relaxing, inspired by the suggestive notes of tea and its fresh and spicy aroma, and the Red Apple box, with the more intense and decisive scent of apple combined with the enveloping notes of maple. The first, perfect for lovers of softer and more spicy fragrances, with a touch of exotic suggestion that comes from afar, the second, for those who want a perfume with more character, which leaves its mark but always with a refined and unique style.

In both boxes, you will find a shower bath, an exfoliating shower gel, a perfumed body milk, a body balm and an exfoliating glove to dedicate yourself to a real moment of well-being and relaxation at 360 degrees, but not only: there will be also a liquid hand soap and a moisturizing hand cream, to make your skin smooth, velvety and with a suggestive and irresistible scent.

If you are a lover of hand creams - essential to protect them from the cold of winter - you cannot miss the Yves Rocher kit consisting of 4 different products with warm and suggestive fragrances, perfect to accompany you during the Christmas holidays: walnut coconut, olive & petit grain, mango & coriander and bourbon vanilla; choose a different aroma every day and face your days with an extra touch of panache, wrapped in the scent of your choice.

© Yves Rocher Golden Tea box Yves Rocher

4. Give yourself an advent calendar to go back to being a little girl and wait for Christmas with even more magic!

Do you think that the Advent calendar is reserved exclusively for the little ones? Nothing more wrong! Why not introduce the magic of Christmas by making a countdown full of emotion and many small surprises? Choose a subject you love and give yourself the opportunity to amaze you every day, trying to become a little girl again and savor the magic of surprise and excitement for little things. Chocolates, Christmas-themed drawings or small surprises of various kinds: choose the one you prefer and let them accompany you until Christmas morning with a look full of magic and lots of curiosity. You can also choose to reserve this gift for a person dear to you, perhaps your child, and build yourself a special Advent calendar, designed just for him: it is not necessary to spend a fortune, just choose small objects or targeted thoughts. that you know they will hit the mark. You will see, it will be a small gesture of love much appreciated!

5. Write a wish list that you would like to make, even if you haven't believed in Santa Claus for a while!

How long have you not written a letter? Do you know that this precious gesture frees our soul and helps us to reconnect with ourselves, focusing on our needs and most intimate desires? Why then, don't you write a letter full of wishes that you would like to fulfill? Dream big and make a list of the things you would like, not just material, but also the desires and goals you care about and would soon achieve in your life: from the smallest to the most challenging, anything that helps you to be more happy, satisfied and proud of you. This is a small self-love exercise that will allow you to focus on the positive aspects and encourage you to live what you want, waiting for it to happen. In short, a bit of healthy self-encouragement can only help us see the goal ever closer, right?

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