Personality test: how vain are you?

Being vain is a "nature, often feminine, but now explicitly also masculine, which includes the awareness of having gifts, physical and otherwise, and the desire that these be recognized also by third parties. So many things make vanity, and the first more evident is the care of one's physical beauty, and therefore we are talking about a purely aesthetic thing. Watch the video if you need some advice on:

Personality test: how vain are you?

So if you want to understand how high (or low) your degree of vanity is, all you have to do is take our test and find out if you need to smooth the corners of your ego a little or if you should inflate it a little, because all things in the right doses never hurt, including a little vanity.

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And now that you have discovered your degree of vanity, it is time to understand how proud you are, here is the test to know:

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