We teach them stereotypes that negatively affect our children

Let's talk about the Ipsos research "What will I do when I grow up?" promoted by the Valore D association, aimed at investigating how young people between 11 and 14 imagine their future between aspirations and stereotypes. they convey with the daily choices and the unaware world of relating to the concept of "masculine and feminine".
The research was carried out on a sample of 401 middle school children, of both sexes in equal measure, coming from all over Italy.
But what are the most sought-after professions among the very young? Here is an insight:

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In general, then, the boys are more oriented to the technical and scientific professions while the girls more towards the humanistic professions. Equal merit, for both genders, the interest in the medical professions. As follows:

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The models to follow

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But what is the model that influences young people in the choice of professions? Naturally in the first place parents: the father for the boys, the mother for the girls. The interesting thing to note, for example, is that the mother, for the boys, is only in third place after the sports characters, to whom the boys turn their attention. Mom followed by other relatives and famous entrepreneurs. For women, on the other hand, the dad takes a second place with interesting numbers, followed by other relatives, teachers and celebrities.

The perception of "gender equality

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An initial meeting point between parents and children is based on the perception of equality between women and men regarding the possibility of being successful: for mothers and fathers, or for son and daughter, the chances of being successful are the same regardless from the genre.
The stereotype, however, creeps in when it comes to the "realm of success, and here's what we're talking about:

We are faced with evidence: in 2018, both boys and girls, both mothers and fathers, perceive that male children (51-54%) have more opportunities to make a career than female daughters (9-11%), as well as girls (72-73%) will be destined to take care of the family in a much higher percentage than boys (5-6%).

Areas of interest

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From this research it emerges therefore that, according to common stereotypes, women would have less chance of emerging in technical-scientific fields, as well as in computer science or physics. We are convinced that every woman should feel free to choose the career she believes to be the most corresponding to her dreams and abilities, against any obsolete and anachronistic stereotype, just like they did.

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