How to explain sex to children: tips to avoid mistakes

Explaining sex to children seems anything but an easy feat. However, let's not forget that as far as boys are concerned, they experience their first erections when they are still in the mother's belly and that vaginal lubrication has been detected in newborn girls of just one day: sexual impulses are inherent in the man and, of consequently, even in the little ones.
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Babies have sexual reflexes from birth, indeed even earlier, and it is on this basis that the first "mother - child" body contacts are inserted: bath, breastfeeding, cuddles to which the child can respond with sexual excitement. . But even one's body represents a source of exciting discoveries, where the most exciting is certainly represented by the stimulation of one's genital area, which is infantile sexuality. There is nothing taboo, so let's see how to explain sex to children.

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1) How to explain sex to children: don't demonize sexual practice

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Parents should have an open and serene attitude, avoiding reproaches, punishments, alarmisms, prohibitions and repressions, which are only useful for generating feelings of guilt with respect to an activity that is healthy and natural. The first hints of autoeroticism or the first solitary games could turn into social moments such as games to discover oneself and others.

How to talk about sex to children? It is necessary to tell the child that there is nothing wrong with masturbation, as long as it is practiced alone; that sexual impulses together with the emotions and desires that arise from them cannot be exposed, exhibited and shared, not even with parents. In fact, there is an intimate area that must be kept secret. Furthermore, it is necessary to inform the child that there are positive contacts, which have to do with care and affection and negative contacts, which are intrusive, annoying and therefore dangerous; in the latter case it is absolutely necessary to move away and immediately tell everything to mom and dad. Information of this type helps the child not to repress his sexuality, but at the same time, to safeguard and protect himself from the possibility of running into the danger of sexual abuse.

2) Explain sex to children: it is good to answer the questions!

As soon as the children begin to walk and, above all, to talk, they will inundate the parents with questions and, among these, there will certainly also be those that most frighten the parents: "where do I come from?", "How are children born?" .
These are obviously questions that deserve a complete answer, also because if we do not provide them with an answer, it is very likely that they will look for it in other shores. in relation to the age of the child who places them, it is absolutely fundamental.

Explaining sex to children is a delicate moment, the right words must be chosen and nothing must be left to chance. It is in this way that children begin to trust their parents, recognizing that the explanations provided are acceptable and not colossal lies, invented on the spot just to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

3) How to explain sexual intercourse to teenagers

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Explaining sexual intercourse to children is one thing, but how do you talk about sex to teenagers? Sex education, which must be present from birth, becomes even more urgent during puberty, when boys undergo important bodily transformations. At the beginning of puberty, boys and girls should already have general notions on the anatomy of the sexual system. Teenagers should then receive practical information and advice on different aspects of sex life, including sexually transmitted diseases and birth control methods. A sentimental and emotional education is also a duty that teaches girls and boys to recognize, understand, and value their own emotions and those of others.

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