Body brushes: discover them with us!

Dry brushing allows us to perform a lymphatic massage.
The lymphatic system is made up of lymphatic vessels and lymphatic organs (those that contain a large amount of white blood cells). A fundamental part of the immune system, the lymphatic system has three main functions: the regular flow of fluids in the body, the absorption of fats in the digestive system and the defense against infections. In other words, we must not neglect it!
With dry brushing: brushing the whole body stimulates the lymphatic system and allows it to be more effective. Daily brushing helps the skin to get rid of dead cells more easily and to renew itself.

The principle is to pass the brush all over the body, from top to bottom, for about ten minutes, morning and / or evening. We can then complete the treatment with a vegetable oil. A simple practice, accessible to all and with many advantages.

Here are the best natural hair brush models, available on Amazon!

Hydrea brush

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A delicate brush to hold comfortably in the hand!
Made of beech wood and natural bristles, delicate even on the most sensitive skin.
Use it in the shower or dry for your daily massage!

Buy on Amazon for € 13.53

Ineffable care brush set


To reach the back easily, a brush equipped with a handle will be very useful. The handle of this Ineffable Cure brush is removable, so you can enjoy both precise and practical use. Made of cherry wood and boar hair, it is made to last. Delivered with a small face brush and an anti-cellulite brush, you will be perfectly equipped to take care of your whole body.

Buy on Amazon for € 15.97

Remington rotating brush

© Remington / Amazon

Do you prefer electric over manual? The Remington brush is for you.
This brand, whose quality is well established, offers a wireless rotating brush and two speeds. Made of natural bristles, it comes with an extra synthetic bristle head to use in the shower if desired.

Buy on Amazon for € 32.10

Organic avocado oil


If you prefer to massage with oil, avocado oil is a great choice! Like the fruit it comes from, this oil is rich in vitamins and benefits. Very moisturizing, restores skin elasticity and helps prevent stretch marks. Naissance proposes this "oil is 100% pure, organic and vegan.

Buy on Amazon for € 18.99 <

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