Sugar scrub: 5 benefits for face skin!

Dead cells, discoloration, dilated pores, dull complexion; skin blemishes that we women often know well, either because we have a lifestyle that is not too healthy, or because we live in cities where pollution is sky high, or because we don't always follow all the steps of the beauty routine ...

To overcome these problems, the sugar scrub is an excellent ally, capable not only of smoothing the skin of the face thus renewing the superficial layer of the epidermis, but also purifying and nourishing it at the same time. A real must as simple as it is. effective.

In addition to the sugar scrub, an excellent ally for our skin is also the coffee scrub that allows you to smooth the skin making it smoother and more homogeneous. Find out how to prepare it!

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Sugar is an ingredient known for its exfoliating and moisturizing properties and is therefore excellent when used for a face scrub. Not all sugar scrubs are created equal, as are not all sugars.

For this reason, the L "Oréal Paris Laboratories have selected 3 fine sugars (white, cane and raw), combining them with active ingredients each designed for a specific need: Illuminating Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Nourishing Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Purifying Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. Each of these scrubs , ideal for the face and lips, it is enriched with active ingredients that enhance its action.
A small amount of each is enough to distribute on the cleansed skin of the face with your fingers, massaging with circular movements and avoiding the eye area. Once the sugars are dissolved you can proceed to rinse carefully.

But now let's see in particular what benefits these new allies of care and beauty can bring to our skin.

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1. Illuminate the complexion

The new Illuminating Exfoliating Sugar Scrub by L "Oréal Paris is the result of a combination of igredients capable of giving new light to the skin.

In particular, in the formula we find 100% exfoliating active ingredients of natural origin rich in essential nutrients deriving from grape seed oil with vitamin E, Monoi oil, a natural moisturizer, known to protect and avoid the dull skin effect, and powder. of Acai berries, to gently smooth the surface of the skin.
Thus, in addition to exfoliating, eliminating impurities and dead cells, this precious combination of ingredients illuminates the complexion and you can say goodbye to that dull and not very vital complexion.

The texture? Ultra soft and sensory, for a beauty gesture that will not only be effective but also very pleasant.

2. Purifies the skin

If you have combination or oily skin, prone to imperfections such as blackheads, pimples and dilated pores, try the Purifying Exfoliating Sugar Scrub that combines the properties of the 3 selected fine sugars (raw, cane and white), with the smoothing capacity of seeds of kiwifruit, which visibly reduce blackheads, and the anti-imperfection action of peppermint essential oil. Inside the formula there is also lemongrass essential oil which purifies the epidemic thoroughly.

The texture is light and in gel and its warming formula helps to dilate the pores to free them from impurities; so your skin will not only be cleansed and mattified but, day after day, both pores and blackheads will be less visible.

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3. It nourishes dry areas

Is your problem dry, arid and very thin skin in some areas? Then the right product for you is the Nourishing Exfoliating Sugar Scrub that combines the properties of raw, cane and white sugars with cocoa butter, rich in essential fatty acids to soothe dry skin, and with coconut oil that protects the barrier. cutaneous thanks to the lipids contained.

The texture is creamy and with a fine and delicate grain, which makes it ideal even for the most sensitive skin.

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4. Makes lips velvety

Often we do not think about it, but even the lips need an exfoliating routine to always be beautiful, soft and hydrated, especially because atmospheric agents - cold, wind and sun in the first place - can damage them, make them dry and form those annoying skins that make even the homogeneous application of the lipstick is impossible.

The sugar scrub by L "Oréal Paris, precisely because it is delicate and not too invasive, is also perfect for this area of ​​the face: it eliminates dead cells and any residual makeup making them smooth, nourished and wonderfully velvety!

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5. Even out the tan

We are now close to summer and with the arrival of the beautiful days and the heat, the desire to get a tan and leave the winter greyness behind us begins to be felt.
Sun exposure - always with the necessary precautions and protections - must take place when our skin is at the top, for a lasting and uniform tan.

Here is that the sugar scrub also comes to our aid in this. Sometimes small spots form on the face, perhaps left by some acne scars or in any case the complexion is discolored because in some places we have more dead cells than in others.
All of this could undermine our tan and we may find ourselves in patches, but we don't want that, do we? So let's start immediately and regularly to use the sugar scrub and we will be ready for a screaming tan!

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