Choose the armchair

Practical advice:

The pillows

The comfort of an armchair depends on the padding, solidity and shape of the cushions. For some it is important to have a backrest that supports the back and keeps the neck straight, others will want a high and compact seat. As a general rule, the seat should not be too soft or too hard, it all depends on the quality of the padding.

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The padding

- The foam rubber high density is very elastic and is believed to be the most comfortable padding. It also lasts a long time.

- The bultex it is light and resistant.

- I. fiber flakes plants come from dwarf palms and are used to pad the armrests and seat cushions.

- The goose feather give a feeling of true softness.

The coating

Leather, fabric, synthetic materials ... you are spoiled for choice! Think about what you like best, but don't neglect the practical side: if the coating is too fragile it will not withstand prolonged and repeated use for long.

- If you take care of it properly, the skin it is the coating that will last the longest over time.

- The cotton it is cheap and does not attract dust, yet it gets dirty easily. To protect it, you can use an anti-stain spray or a sofa cover.

- For some years i synthetic fabrics they are furious: more resistant to stains and wear than cotton, they are even more pleasant to the touch. L'alcantara, for example, it is as soft as a peach.

Take into account the size

Don't underestimate the size of the armchair, which must not dominate in the room. To get an idea of ​​the final effect, you need to consider the space that will remain free once you have positioned the chair, both in length that in length.

What types of armchairs are there on the market?

- The armchair Bergère is a large armchair with an upholstered back, side cushions and a seat cushion. This type of armchair appeared in the 1720s and was gradually simplified during the 1800s.

- The armchair Voltaire it is a very comfortable armchair for rest. It was all the rage between 1830 and 1850, and has a wide backrest and padded armrests and seat.

- The low armchair of Japanese influence, created in 1963 by Grete Jalk for Poul Jeppes, it has a low seat, rather wide and without armrests. The advantage of this armchair is that it adapts to all styles and easily blends into space.

- The club chair, Art Deco style, is a large, comfortable armchair with simple and pure lines.

Expert advice for your furniture:

The definitive choice of the chair must be coherent with the style of the room in which you will put it. The armchair does not have to be purely functional, but can become a real one element of furniture.

If you mean respect the style general room, you must choose an armchair whose shapes and colors blend perfectly with the rest of the environment and with the sofa. Example: your sofa is dark, but there is color in the room. Do not hesitate to use this color for your armchair, will cheer up the atmosphere. If the sofa is in a solid color, you can also choose a colored patterned armchair from the same tint of the sofa but in another material.

On the contrary, you can get away completely from the initial style of the room by contrasting it with new shapes and colors.If your living room is quite modern, opt for an armchair ancient, as the Bergère, or a rocking chair.

If you have your armchair upholstered in style Bergère or Marquise, choose a contemporary and colorful fabric, which will make the room less cold and austere.

And then…

- In terms of style, avoid the "total look", often heavy: do not hesitate to vary!

- When buying an armchair, ask retailers for advice and don't forget to try it.

- The density of the foam rubber is measured in Kg / m³. An optimal padding must have a density of at least 35 kg / m³ in the seat, and between 26 and 30 kg / m³ in the backrest.

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