Dark lipstick: how to choose it? The best colors based on the complexion!

Dark lipstick is one of the most popular makeup trends of all time. However, since it is not very easy to wear, it is necessary to choose it with caution, taking into consideration a number of aspects. Often, in fact, showing off dark lips with an inappropriate make-up in combination can lead to an inelegant result, with the risk of becoming vulgar. But then, how to choose the most suitable dark lipstick for us and show off a makeup with a focus on the lips that is sensual and chic at the same time? Below we will try to help you in your choice with some ad hoc tips, also offering you the best makeup combinations with dark lipsticks to show off an impeccable and noteworthy make-up.

Dark lipstick: who is it good for? How to best show off your dark lips!

But who is dark lipstick good for? As we said, dark lips are not very easy to wear, but among the thousand shades of dark lipsticks, there are some that easily marry with any type of complexion and color, such as dark red or burgundy. Generally dark lipsticks are more suitable for blondes and light-skinned women, but with small precautions and the right shades, even brunettes and olive-skinned women can show off flawless dark lips. A secret to understanding which shades of lipstick are most suitable for you is to pay attention to your complexion (light, medium, dark) and the type of undertone of your skin (cold, warm, neutral).

The ideal would then be to have full and well-defined lips, considering that dark colors tend to thin them. Those with thin lips, in fact, should prefer light and bright shades and bright and mother-of-pearl finishes, avoiding too dark shades and matte lipsticks. and opaque.

Then remember that to show off your lips to the top it is necessary to apply the lipstick in the right way and in an impeccable way: here are some tricks to do it.

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But not only that: another fundamental step to show flawless lips is to take care of them with some small ad hoc treatments, to be done consistently. Here is a quick and easy recipe for a DIY lip scrub with 100% natural ingredients!

Can i wear dark lipstick during the day?

The answer is yes! But with some small precautions that do not make you seem excessive and out of place.
First of all, always remember to balance the effect with a nude eye makeup look: in this way, not only will you intensify the focus on the lips, but you will avoid the risk of falling into the vulgar.

If you choose the dark lips trend during the day, you must also pay attention to the clothing: avoid an outfit that is too aggressive, elegant or with attention to the smallest details, instead the perfect match with a casual and easy-chic look, perhaps accompanied by a "messy hairstyle" style, like the half-bun or the disheveled chignon.

Different speech for the evening: feel free to dare a little more, but remember not to overdo it with face and eye makeup. As a rule, the basic rule of balancing always applies: if the focus is on the lips, it is better not to overdo it with eye make-up, if instead you opt for a strong eye make-up like smokey eyes, it would be good to choose transparent glosses or nude lips.

Bordeaux matte lipstick: the color that suits everyone

Burgundy is among the most popular dark lipstick colors because it looks good on everyone. Being a full-bodied and defined color, but not excessively dark and intense, burgundy is therefore ideal if you want to be on the safe side, especially in its matte version. The burgundy matte lipstick is in fact one of the most loved and chic trends of all time. Just like dark red, the shades of burgundy - from pomace to plum to burgundy - enhance both the diaphanous complexions, which are thus heated, and the olive ones, which could harden with a too dark color.

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Brick lipstick: the perfect shade for those with an olive complexion

The brick-colored lipstick finds its best enhancement with olive complexions. Being a warm and decisive color, it goes perfectly with skin with warm undertones, while it is decidedly less convincing on lunar complexions and cold undertones. The ideal mix is ​​represented by an olive complexion and light eyes. In fact, on a face with dark colors, brick lipstick can be excessive; in these cases it is better to opt for brighter shades, such as bright red or burgundy - with both matte and glossy finishes.

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Dark purple lipstick: ideal for fair skin with cool undertones

Unlike brick, dark purple lipstick is the ideal choice for those with a fair complexion. Being a cold color, which starts from a blue base, purple finds its best enhancement with light skin and cold undertones, but better if combined with blue eyes. In fact, with dark eyes and a diaphanous complexion, purple lipstick could weigh down everything: in these cases, it is better to opt for dark lipsticks - always cold - but with softer and more delicate shades than purple, such as burgundy, grape pomace or plum.

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Brown lipstick: how to best show off the chicest dark shade

Like brick, brown lipstick represents a warm and strong color, for this reason it should be avoided with light complexions and cold undertones. On the other hand, it is perfect with medium-dark skin and for women with blond, brown and red hair. To be avoided instead with black hair or pop shades, such as fuchsia and bright pinks. It is also ideal for bringing out dark and green eyes, but does not create the desired effect with blue or ice-colored eyes, as they are cold colors. It would be good to avoid it if you have thin lips, because, being a dark color, it would tend to thin them further, so better focus on light tones or dark lipsticks with a bright and mother-of-pearl finish.

Dark lipstick: which makeup to combine? The best looks to copy

As already mentioned above, if you wear a dark lipstick, you should take care to balance everything with a nude look eye makeup. Therefore, avoid eye shadows with strong and intense colors or smokey eyes in shades of black and brown, which with dark lips, would give rise to a decidedly unrefined mix. If you really love the shaded effect, opt for the nude smokey eyes, delicate and chic, but with a natural effect. You could also think about applying a highlighter on the upper browbone, so as to illuminate the upper part of the face and create a pleasant contrast with the bold lips.

The balance must not only take place with the eye make-up, but also with the face make-up. Banned blushes and blushes with strong colors, such as bright pink, fuchsia or pop colors; the ideal with dark lipsticks is a delicate antique pink or a very soft peach, both perfect shades to soften the strong effect of dark lips.

Remember that normally, dark lipsticks are more suitable for those with full and defined lips: in these cases, you can choose quite freely between matte or mother-of-pearl lipsticks. If, on the other hand, you have thin lips, you should avoid intense colors and matte and opaque textures, as they would thin them even more: instead choose glosses and lipsticks with light tones and a luminous finish.

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