How to choose the right ebook reader for you

The ebook reader or ereader is a must have for all reading lovers, even for the more traditionalists who prefer paperback books. Thanks to its compactness and essential design it is the ideal travel companion and allows you to read in every situation without forcing yourself to carry unnecessary weight with you (especially in your suitcase!). Don't know which ebook reader to choose according to your needs? Take a look at our guide to buying the best ereader!

The advantages of the ebook reader: it competes with paper books!

First of all, let's try to dispel the false myths concerning the ereaders: the screen of the ereaders resembles in all respects a sheet of paper, and not a tablet screen! In fact, ebook reader technology is called e-ink precisely because it faithfully reproduces the ink. The ereader's screen reflects the natural light of the external environment, and does not produce artificial blue light like smartphones, PCs and tablets, which in the long run tires the eyes and even deprives us of sleep . The ebook reader adapts to any reader: from the child who discovers novels for the first time, to the adult commuter who wants to make good use of the time on public transport, to the elderly who need larger fonts so as not to force too much sight. Just change the text size, and that's it! Another advantage of the ereader is that, unlike the tablet, it uses the Wi-Fi connection only for downloading new ebooks, so it is not distracting and does not drain the battery as fast as the tablet!

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How much does an ebook reader cost?

Before investing money in an ebook reader, it is best to first decide which price range to aim for and above all what use you want to make of it. more expensive models that can go up to 400 euros. The more expensive models have several advantages that we will illustrate later, however the basic ebook reader models are very good and are perfect for any person, from the occasional reader up to bookworm more hardened.

Cheap ebook readers: basic models are not synonymous with low quality!

The ereader is a great investment if you are on the move because of commuting or because you are lucky enough to be able to travel often. It fits perfectly in bags and backpacks because it is thin and light, and often even pocket sized. This Kindle model, for example , it's as wide as a hand! You can immerse yourself in your favorite novel without worrying about not being able to read anything due to the dazzling light, you can change novel whenever you want without having to carry around kilos of books, and you don't even have to remember the charger .. . so the battery lasts weeks and weeks! The ebook reader is an excellent advantage also from an economic point of view, since ebooks cost less than paper books.

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Top-of-the-range ebook reader: a safe choice

For fans of digital reading, high-end ereaders are almost a must. We have selected these two ebook readers whose prices are very justified (and excellent) if you consider their characteristics, so if you are a "lover of ebooks, you should give them a" look! The first ereader we recommend is the Kindle Oasis, equipped with a 7-inch screen and a memory of 8 or 32 Gb, perfect for those who want to own a real virtual library. Like other Kindles on the market, it has a touch screen, but it also has a button to turn pages and make reading more fluid. Of course it comes with integrated LED lighting that adjusts to the brightness of the surrounding environment without weighing on your sight. You don't even have to worry about keeping it sheltered when you go to the pool or beach: it's water resistant! Indeed, if you wish you can take it with you during your relaxing bath, as it resists up to 2 meters deep. One last thing that makes it a great purchase is the possibility of free 3G, which allows you to download all the books you want even when you don't have Wi-Fi.

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A good alternative to the Kindle Oasis is the Kobo Aura One, which was designed by Kobo with the support and suggestions of our most loyal customers. It has a larger screen than the Kindle (8 inches) and a Comfortlight Pro screen, which is ideal for nighttime reading without blue light. Like the Kindle Oasis, it is waterproof and withstands water up to 2 meters deep.

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Mid-range ebook readers: they will never go out of style!

The perfect combination of affordable price and satisfying features lies somewhere in between! Mid-range ereaders like the Kindle Paperwhite perfectly match the needs of any reader without weighing on the wallet. This model is the workhorse of the Kindle range and it is no coincidence that it has conquered millions of people all over the world! With its 6-inch screen, its light weight and its long-lasting battery it is the ideal companion on any trip. Unlike the basic Kindle, it has a backlight for reading in the dark and the possibility of free 3G, so it has nothing to envy to the more expensive ebook readers.

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If you want to equip yourself with all the accessories of the expert digital player, you can also buy the kit consisting of ereader, cover and charger!

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If you prefer the Kobo interface, then the Kobo Aura is your ideal ebook reader. With this ereader you can read all kinds of formats, from novels to comics, and adjust the brightness to enjoy reading wherever you go.


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