6 essential products for a super relaxing bath

The bathroom is the time for rest and relaxation where you let go of all the stress accumulated during the day and leave bad thoughts outside the door. Do you need to download yourself? Candle light, a good playlist. Bath time can quickly become your favorite time of day, which is why we have selected 6 products for you for a perfect relaxing bath.

Relaxing bubble bath Treasures of the East

For a real moment of relaxation, choose this set of 2 soothing Treasures of the Orient bubble bath. Its generous foam moisturizes and envelops the body and mind with a delicious scent. This bubble bath leaves a unique feeling of well-being. Gives a calming and soothing effect. regeneration, thanks to the precious Argan oil, a true elixir of ancestral beauty, not to mention its sublime, exotic and seductive scent that will transform your bathroom into a real Hammam.

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ZenHome bath cushion

When we take a bath, we like to be comfortable to enjoy the pleasure that comes from the sensation of warm water on the body. Sometimes this pleasure is interrupted by a pain in the neck. But this happened before and without the ZenHome bath pillow. You will love this must-have accessory if you love long baths. This model is very comfortable, it consists of 2 separate compartments that ensure a perfect fit of the head, shoulders and neck. The suction cups make it easier to attach the cushion! Suitable for all types of tubs, easy to clean and terribly comfortable, this pillow will become your best friend!

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Effervescent bathbombs Aprilis

How to relax? Enriching your bathroom with delicious scents and colors! You will love these 12 effervescent bath balls with relaxing essential oils. These little wonders will make you spend real moments of relaxation. Each bathroom fragrance thanks to its 12 unique scents:

  • Jasmine
  • Tea Tree
  • Chamomile
  • Pink
  • Sweet orange
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Cinnamon
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Frankincense

Guaranteed free of toxic products, the bombs are mainly composed of essential oils. We love them!

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Victsing essential oil diffuser

Think you can't make your bathroom more enjoyable? You are wrong! The proof is this Victsing essential oil diffuser. This clean design accessory offers 7 LED colors to relax, you can choose a fixed or variable color. But let's get to its main function, the diffusion of delicate aromas! With this device, you can add essential oil to the water tank and the steam will mix with your chosen scent. The diffusion of essential oils will accentuate this delightful moment of relaxation. In no time, you will have completely forgotten your stressful day!

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Songmics Bath Bridge

Enjoy a moment of intense relaxation in hot water while watching your favorite series and enjoying a good glass of wine! All this is possible thanks to the Songmics bathtub deck! This ingenious accessory allows you to put your book, your phone and even your glass. It also features a 3-position tilting tablet holder, enough to enjoy watching your favorite movie! There is also space for soaps and candles and 2 pull-out trays for your towels. Adjustable in length, moisture resistant and made from 100% natural bamboo, this wooden stand will become indispensable for your daily life!

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Corine de Farme bath salts

How not to mention the Corine de Farme anti-stress marine bath salts? A product that gives a unique feeling of relaxation and relaxation. The delicious vanilla scent will catapult you into a moment of intense happiness (and gluttony)! The salts dissolve in seconds and release their almost magical powers on the body and mind ... Now you are ready to better deal with the stress of everyday life!

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