Fall live for Anna Oxa

Scare for Anna Oxa who, during the live broadcast on Saturday evening of Dancing with the Stars, she fell in the middle of a "performance and sprained her knee.

The singer, who is definitely animating this edition of the Rai 1 program conducted by Milly Carlucci, in fact fell just while she was dancing with the maestro Samuele Peron. In the previous episode Anna had argued with the jury and the authors of the broadcast, causing a great fuss, all always live.

After the fall, the singer was taken on a stretcher out of the studio and then to the clinic where she took an x-ray. At the end of the broadcast, Oxa reappeared in front of the cameras, playing down the "event:" The bone didn't fit well and I couldn't get up. It was part of the choreography! others, especially for those who don't have it, "said Anna.

© Kikapress Anna Oxa

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