Weekly horoscope from 9 to 15 April 2018: love smiles at Taurus!

Aries: aim high!

Dear Aries, your path is becoming more and more clear and decisive: you know where you want to go and no one will be able to stop you! Take advantage of the favor of the stars and this beautiful Mercury in conjunction to start new projects, new activities, make contacts ... you will find the way to achieve what you want. But be careful: the risk of fatigue is just around the corner! The weekend is going to be especially good when it comes to feelings.

Taurus: Venus smiles at you!

Dear Toro, when love smiles at you, you can feel stronger and more confident in every area of ​​your life. This is what is happening in this very fortunate period as far as feelings are concerned: Venus in the sign gives you great happiness alongside a special person and this brings countless benefits in other areas as well. Lucky days will be those of Thursday and Friday, with a beautiful favorable moon.

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Gemini: eventful week!

Dear Gemini, this week will be full of events and opportunities, exactly the way you like it! Bet everything on the lucky days of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, when the moon will favor meetings and positive results, especially if you do a job that leads you to have a lot to do with others. On Thursday and Friday, however, you may have a drop in mood, but it will only be temporary: on Saturday and Sunday the smile will shine again on your face!

Cancer: love sustains you!

Dear Cancer, favorable Venus this week gives your sign an edge in terms of feelings. You will have at your side a special person able to make you feel understood and desired, and who will support you in moments of difficulty that could arise, especially in the workplace ... In fact, unfavorable Mercury, together with Mars in opposition, creates some more discomfort and you brings nervousness and fatigue.

Leo: don't neglect love!

Dear Leone, at work everything is going well: you are number one, an unstoppable machine and woe to anyone who gets between you and success! Unfortunately, however, the same cannot be said for feelings ... maybe you are neglecting the sentimental side a little too much and your partner may require you, in a more or less veiled way, some extra attention! Be especially careful if you frequent a sign that leads to betrayal ...

Virgo: energy and passion!

Dear Virgo, yours will be a week full of energy, except for the days of Thursday and Friday, when the opposition of the moon could cause you a bit of stress and a bad mood ... Be careful not to vent your nervousness on your partner: if you know confide in him without placing blame or responsibility on him, he will be the first to come and support you! Venus, on the other hand, promises you a weekend full of passion ...

Libra: what a stress!

Dear Libra, this week promises to be quite heavy: there will be moments of stress, but try to stay calm and have more confidence in yourself and in your abilities! It will get better soon. Unfortunately, between unfavorable Mars and Mercury in opposition it will be difficult to immediately reach your goals, there will be obstacles. The first part of the week, however, will be better than the second.

Scorpio: you are not alone!

Dear Scorpio, your sign this week risks suffering a lot of loneliness, and this even if you are already in a couple: Venus in opposition makes you feel rather misunderstood, not understood and not listened to by your partner as you deserve. Try to talk to him in all honesty, better on Thursday and Friday, when you have a good moon to support you… Between Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the tension is likely to skyrocket.

Sagittarius: what a beautiful moon!

Dear Sagittarius, your week begins with three really lucky days: on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the moon will support all your choices and promise excellent results in the workplace. Between Thursday and Friday, however, there may be a small drop, but don't be discouraged: Saturday and Sunday the situation will return to being serene and you will have time to dedicate yourself to passion and feelings, in complete relaxation!

Capricorn: long live love!

Dear Capricorn, a very fortunate period from a sentimental point of view continues for your sign: those who have started a story recently, will be able to see it grow and strengthen, while single women could have interesting encounters ... From a professional point of view, however, you could experience a moment of arrest. Do not lose faith in your abilities and be patient: soon the situation will unlock and you will have the success you deserve.

Aquarius: doubts in love ...

Dear Aquarius, your week is off to a great start, with three moon days in conjunction! A Monday, a Tuesday and a Wednesday full of satisfactions await you, especially in the professional field. It's time to jump into new ventures without fear or anxiety! Unfortunately, the sentimental sphere will not be as favored ... Venus puts a spoke in the wheel of your relationship and you may experience some more doubts ...

Pisces: super days!

Dear Pisces, love continues to give you great satisfaction in this period: favorable Venus supports your life as a couple and creates complicity and an understanding with your partner never seen before! If you haven't stated your feelings yet, don't wait. Super-lucky days will be those of Thursday and Friday, when you have the moon in conjunction: you can experience unforgettable emotions!

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