These low-cost bags are perfect imitations of the most famous brands!

Whether it's jewelry, shoes or bags, we've all had the idea of ​​buying an expensive piece of design at least once in our lives. Unfortunately, the price of a luxury item could sink all our savings in seconds, and it's that's why we hardly ever indulge in such a whim. Spending hundreds of euros on a designer bag or a chic watch is not always possible, but we have good news for you: it's not even necessary!

We have found cheap imitations of designer bags, which closely resemble the branded bags they are inspired by without however pretending to be like the originals. The original brand bags, in fact, are a guarantee of quality and long life, as well as real design pieces. The following four bags have lines and a style very similar to that of the It-Bag, but at decidedly reduced prices. Check!

Before reading, watch this video where you can find inspiration to have the perfect bag for any occasion. What's your favorite bag?

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1. The low-cost version of Gucci's "Dionysus"


Our first affordable It-Bag is inspired by Gucci's beautiful "Dionysus". The price of the original reaches € 1,980, definitely out of budget for many of us. Luckily, on Amazon we found this low-cost imitation that looks a lot like the Gucci bag and that you can customize with the color of your choice!

Original: € 1,980
Imitation: 90 €

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2. "Falabella" by Stella McCartney: here is the double!


Even with this low-cost bag it seems to have a déjà-vu: on Amazon "we found it for just under 20 euros, customizable in different colors. It is a perfect replica of Stella McCartney's" Falabella "bag ... but it costs almost 30 times less!

Original: 595 €
Imitation: € 20

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3. The twin of Hermès "Kelly Bag"


Again, you really have to look twice to see the differences from the original! On Amazon we found a perfect double of Hermès' Kelly Bag available in different colors, from warmer to cooler shades. Considering its meager price compared to that of Hermès, you could even buy one for each season!

Original: 13,000 €
Imitation: 170 €

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4. "Metropolis" by Furla: here is the economic version!


Furla's "Metropolis" bag is a versatile and chic shoulder bag. Is it worth investing 245 euros to get it? Perhaps. But if like us you are looking for a low-cost version, this may be for you! On Amazon you can find an imitation of this designer bag for 67 euros.

Original: 245 €
Imitation: € 67

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