7 inexpensive ideas for your baby's birthday

It is really true: children have fun with little. A little imagination, patience and goodwill are enough to make them happy. If you are looking to organize an unforgettable birthday party for your puppy, here are some tips for him to have fun with his friends on his birthday. It is true, the parties in the playroom are great and above all you will get less tired, but they are also quite expensive.
This is why we have come up with 7 cheap and infallible ideas to entertain your little guests with simple and fun games, spending a few tens of euros.

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1. Photo Booth Silhouettes

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A simple piece of cardboard is enough for a child to start playing.
These cardboard silhouettes are perfect to make available to everyone, young and old (you will see, you too will want to take a selfie with a funny mask). Mustaches, hats, extravagant glasses. Colorful and super cheap!

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2. Set for little pirates

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Package includes: inflatable swords, gold earrings, black eye patches, gold coins, treasure map bags and colored gems.
Everything you need to board the ship of fantasy in search of the treasure!

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3. Soap bubbles

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Water and soap...and it's magic right away!
If the party takes place outdoors, soap bubbles are a must! Enchanting and timeless.
This multipack contains 48 dispensers, all colored. Kids will love it and we're sure you'll put one in your bag too!

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4. Plastic medals

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How about organizing a nice prize game? Maybe a nice Disney movie quiz?
And for every right answer, here is the right reward!
A set of 12 medals to reward every little player!

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5. Attach the tail to the donkey!

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One of those games that have been symbols of children's parties for years!
The donkey game is nothing more than a large poster depicting a donkey without a tail, the children are blindfolded and must try to attach the donkey's tail to the right place. You will see what laughter!

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6. Unicorn Piñata

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From the Hispanic tradition to the historic Italian pentolaccia, a game that every birthday boy dreams of playing.
Fill it with candies and small gifts and hang it with the special hook included in the package.
The purpose of the Piñata is to hit her blindfolded, until she drops the surprises inside. It'll be fun!

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7. Face painting

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When it comes to messing with colors, kids always agree. Here is a set of paints, stencils and brushes to let kids do their makeup and decorate their faces while having fun. Obviously the products are dermatologically tested and safe, as well as how washable!
Inside the package you will also find a certification that certifies its quality. Safety first of all!

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