Beauty elixir: the best face serums for your skin

Each of us has our own beauty routine, which changes over time, according to needs.
However, we often overlook the idea of ​​using a good facial serum and believe that a moisturizer is enough. Wrong!

Facial serum, unlike creams, penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and its concentration of active ingredients is generally much higher (although it depends on each case).
Always remember to apply it before your usual moisturizer, otherwise the cream would form a film on the skin that would prevent the serum from penetrating properly.
Choose the right one for you and order it on Amazon, where you will find the best brands at unbeatable prices.

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Hyaluronic acid for greater hydration

The anti-aging serums help reduce the appearance of the signs of aging and penetrate much deeper than a cream, the most suitable are those based on hyaluronic acid, known for its extreme moisturizing properties.

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More collagen with Vitamin C

This daily serum from Kanzy forms a barrier on the face that acts like a second skin. Vitamin C is essential for its benefits for the immune system, provides greater radiance and revitalizes duller skin and provides a greater contribution in antioxidants.

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Goodbye dilated pores with skin perfectioners!

Open and dilated pores are one of the skin problems that most affect women of all ages, since young skin has to fight against imperfections and blackheads and mature skin sees how their pores gradually become more visible, giving a less uniform appearance to the face.
This from L "Occitane is perfect for all ages!

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A radiant face with illuminating serums


The illuminating serums restore the radiance to the face and the light of youth. However, not only mature skin needs this type of serum. There are young skins that are very dull and dull and need this type of product to immediately look revitalized!

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