You ride! This is why you should choose to travel by bike

To get real results when you train, you have to choose the sport that best suits your physical characteristics and your state of health. Cycling is an ideal exercise to achieve both goals thanks to its peculiarities. Also, when you practice it you don't have the perception of doing sports, it's really fun!
And whether you do it with your partner, friends or family to ride a bike is a healthy plan and suitable for almost everyone, unlike other activities like running.
It is also the best way to respect our planet: no cars and public transport, so you reduce pollution and keep fit! Spring is coming soon: it could be a good time to start, don't you think?

Here's what you'll need to get started!

First of all: the bicycle!

Vintage, sporty, electric: choose the bike you prefer and have fun!

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Classic and elegant


Refined, fascinating, agile, just like you! If you are a "vintage lover, this bike with basket and pannier bag will blow your mind."
Perfect for carrying your handbag with you and putting it in the basket. Despite appearances, it is a very modern bike with a 6-speed Shimano gearbox.
You'll be a real "beauty on a bicycle'!

Buy on Amazon for € 299

For real sports


You are not afraid of challenges and testing your limits every day.
You know well that life is uphill but fatigue does not worry you. Then a mountain bike is the right bike for you, who are dynamic, sporty and snappy.

Buy on Amazon for € 104.26

No excuses, not even for the lazy


You would like to ride a bike but you already know that you would end up abandoning it in the garage, because past the initial emphasis, you would find it too tiring!
But with this e-bike, you will always find the desire to pedal or not to pedal!
This technological marvel, in fact, is powered by electricity and has pedal assistance, which means that when you are too tired or you have a nice climb ahead, the bike will pedal for you! Comfortable, right?

Buy on Amazon for € 465.67

The cycling shorts


For every sport you need the right clothing.
This model is a must for cycling and you will want to have a pair in your closet, because in addition to being comfortable, they will be a big trend of 2019 and we have already started to see them on the most important catwalks.

Buy on Amazon for € 16.99

Safety first of all!


Where do you plan to go without a helmet?
It is very important to protect yourself when you are on the bike: after all, you are on the road! Here is a light but resistant helmet that will let the air pass, essential when it is very hot and at the same time will make you feel protected. But since the eye also wants its part, we chose this model in a beautiful blue!

Buy on Amazon for € 39.99 <

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