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The traditional static oven: long live the simplicity

Timeless and effective, the traditional oven, free or interlocking, can be static or ventilated. In the first case, the heat is produced by two grids, called resistances, located in the lower and upper part of the oven.

The main advantage of the traditional static oven remains its simplicity: it is easy to use and therefore it is perfect for “basic” recipes or for roasting meat on the surface, however you must always preheat it. It runs on gas or electricity.

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For who? The traditional oven is suitable for people who do not feel comfortable with new technologies. Traditional static ovens are also perfect for those who don't want to spend a lot, as prices vary between € 300 and € 2,000.

The convection oven: the king of multifunction

More modern, more design and more technological than static ovens, ventilated ovens work thanks to a fan that circulates the hot air over the food. Depending on the models, the convection oven does not necessarily have to be preheated (in any case, it preheats very quickly).

Very practical, and therefore increasingly popular, ventilated ovens allow you to cook two different dishes at the same time, at two different heights, without mixing flavors and smells. The most technological have a digital thermostat to accurately know the internal temperature of the oven (mechanical thermostats are less precise), and have integrated cooking programs for meat, fish and desserts. Generally the control panel of these ovens is very precise, but rather complicated to use! A good convection oven costs between € 600 and € 4,000.

Good to know: if you have children, choose the "cold door" option!

The microwave oven: basic or combined model?

Practical and suitable for today's needs, the microwave oven is less bulky than a traditional oven and has increasingly more precise functions.

The basic models of the microwave oven are limited to defrosting and reheating ready-made dishes, and cost between 50 and 250 €, while the combined models add the grill and / or static oven option to the traditional function and therefore allow you both to defrost food than to cook it. To give yourself the luxury of saving space in the kitchen, expect to spend between € 150 and € 800.

And the steam ovens?

Let's dispel a myth, steam ovens are not reserved for professionals! Nowadays, steam ovens are available in interlocking models. Composed of various levels, they allow you to defrost, heat, cook and sterilize numerous foods (fish, meat and vegetables) in a healthy and dietary way, at a low temperature and without drying them. Easy to use, steam ovens are increasingly replacing our old electric steamers, especially when the "convection oven" function is added to the steam cooking. However, remember that even in this case, steam cooking can never replace cooking in a traditional oven.

Unfortunately, steam ovens are not for everyone: the basic models cost at least € 1 000, and you can go up to € 4 800! In short, this type of oven is reserved for cooking enthusiasts or for those who really have no economic problems ...

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