How much complicity do you have in bed? It also depends on the sense of smell

If when we make love there are undoubtedly a series of things that inevitably affect us, such as the place where we decide to do it (eg making love in the kitchen is very different from choosing to do it in bed as well as from doing it). love in the car), the moment in which passion is born (whether you are just waking up early in the morning, or immediately after lunch, or in the evening after dinner) or our mood. perhaps unexpected factor: the sense of smell. Let's find out how, after reviewing all the benefits of making love, look at:

What role does the sense of smell play during sexual intercourse?

In addition to being a fundamental element in establishing a "chemical" bond between two people, the sense of smell has weight during sexual intercourse. According to a recent study by the University of Dresden, having a highly developed sense of smell allows you to enjoy more in bed . The little or very developed sense of smell does not affect sexual desire or the frequency of intercourse but, according to the study administered to 70 adults, those with the best sense of smell, particularly men, experience greater pleasure during sex. . The idea of ​​analyzing the link between odor and sexual activity started from the observation of the decline in libido in those suffering from loss of smell and the goal of the research was to find out what happened in healthy young adults, and here is the discovery: the more you smell, the more pleasure you feel.

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At this point all that remains is to train the sense of smell. Like? Get busy, here are some ideas:

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